Lorrayne Miralha

AGU Council Student and Early Career Positions

Early Career Scientist I


Postdoctoral Scholar, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, USA

AGU embraces the global community and welcomes diverse leaders from around the world, representing various identities, voices, and perspectives. List any identities, voices, and perspectives you would bring, including but not limited to nationality, regional representations, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and any other identity you feel comfortable sharing.

I am a first-generation international student, and I am part of the group of Latin American early career females in engineering. It is my goal to optimize the interaction and representation of international and female early career members to promote a more diverse, just, equitable, and inclusive environment in this scientific community.

Volunteer experience that relates to this position:

Since January 2021, I am part of the AGU Hydrology Student Subcommittee (H3S) where I have served as co-chair of the Fall Meeting Committee, and as a member of the professional development, AJEDI (Accessibility, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion), and outreach committees. I have been responsible for events and workshops and for our first newsletter directed to the early career community. I am also part of the early career committee organizing the AGU student and early career reception and workshops throughout the week of the conference.


This leadership position is a liaison role; it aims to catalyze community and build AGU as envisioned by the strategic plan. How will you engage with other students and early career scientists to share, and solicit inputs to, important strategic discussions and actions being undertaken by the Council? Relating to AGU’s strategic plan, what features of the plan do you think are most exciting for the student and early career communities to engage with and advance?

I have been part of early career committees since my master’s degree and have been empowered by these committees as a future leader and communicator. I believe that through groups such as the AGU Hydrology Section Student Subcommittee (H3S), AGU Student Section Representatives, and external groups such as Young Hydrologic Society, American Association of University Women (AAUW), and European Geosciences Union (EGU) student representatives, I have the communication venue and networking necessary to share and request input on actions and strategies to fulfill the strategic plan goals established by AGU. For the effectiveness in communication, I believe meetings, webinars, and workshops with early careers and student representatives would be optimal for the gathering of information and for more assertiveness in transferring the community necessities and requests. Short surveys and online materials may also help. I am very excited about the integration of the 3 major goals in the new strategic plan. First, I believe there is no advancement in discoveries and solutions for societal challenges if we do not create a more inclusive scientific environment. Only an environment that considers diversity and different voices into perspective can promote scientific advancements for real-world challenges. In this case, I am certain that broader partnerships with national and international organizations will be vital to expanding the impacts and outcomes of what AGU as a Union can do.

Section affiliations:

Biogeosciences; Earth and Space Science Informatics; GeoHealth; Global Environmental Change; Hydrology