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AGU's digital properties strive to be a valuable resource to you and everyone in the global Earth and space science community. The digital experience at aims to help you:

  • Produce knowledge and create solutions in ways that are ethical, unbiased, and respectful of communities and their values
  • Build broad and inclusive partnerships to help solve society's most complex problems

We are continuously adding new content and improving the features of to make an experience that works for you. Throughout the next year, we're going to be continuously improving the following new features: Channels, Search, and User Profiles. 

We want your input!

Email us anytime with your ongoing feedback to help us to improve this experience.

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Current highlights

Your feedback and recommendations have played a big role in helping us to create the best digital experience. Read more about features and highlights on the site below. 
  • 1
    Content from our publications, meetings, Eos, the Blogosphere, AGU news, and people can be found in one place. We'll continue to add content and resources to search and will refine our search utility over time.
  • 2
    Explore our site based on your interests and needs: learn about Fall Meeting, share and advocate for science, learn and develop your career, and publish with AGU.
  • 3
    Take care of business with AGU quickly and easily. Become a member, renew your membership, and give to the initiatives you care about with just a few simple clicks.
  • 4
    Create a Profile. Visitors to our site can learn about active members of the AGU community, their publications and presentations with AGU, their honors and volunteer history. Registered users can log in and choose to share other information about themselves by editing their user profile. 
  • 5
    Channels will feed a fresh stream of science and news focused on the topic of your choice, drawn from the wealth of content published by AGU. Log in to create your own channels and follow channels created by other visitors to
  • 6
    Fall Meeting 2020. Our digital site helps you submit your abstract, register for the meeting, plan your attendance, and navigate the wealth of science presented there.
  • 7
    Coming Soon: Personalized email communications. Tell us about your interests and preferences and we’ll do our best to serve you how and where you want.  
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FAQs: How do I access the member directory?

There are two options for finding people in the Earth and space science community.

If you go to the top of the screen and use the magnifying glass search icon, you can search for someone directly. This search will show you all information that is public knowledge about a member, and any personal information they have chosen to share.

Public information includes name, organization, publications, meeting abstracts, AGU volunteer experience, and AGU honors received. Personal information includes email, phone, address, bio, demographics, etc. This information is private by default and will only show up if a member has chosen to share it publicly.

In the near future, we will also include an option for you to send them a personal email through an anonymous email link that will allow you to reach out to them directly without compromising personal information.

Visit to search and browse through active members of AGU's community and reach out to them through an anonymized email client that will preserve their privacy. You can also get directly to the active community-member directory from your user profile page on – just click on the “Membership” link under your name. 

FAQs: How do I renew my membership on the new site?

Membership renewal is simple: Just click on “Renew” at the top of the homepage to login and access your profile to renew.

If you’re logged in already, you may not see "Renew." Click on the three horizontal lines, then click your name at the top to get to the renewal options. Your membership expiration date is under the link for “Membership” that appears below your name on your user profile.

Technical releases and bug fixes on

Check back here to see what new features and bug fixes were released on We’ll keep a list here.

June 2020 New Features 

  • Membership tab with member ID, membership details, member benefits on the user profile page, including links to your Section microsites.  
  • Channels improvements with create and follow functionality 
  • Fall Meeting 2019 abstracts added to Search repository 

Please note that our site runs best on the following operating systems/browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge. If you experience an issue in another browser, we encourage you to try a recommended browser. Let us know if you have feedback or to report other issues.