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AGU's digital properties strive to be a valuable resource to the global Earth and space science community. Strongly aligned with AGU's strategic plan, we are continuously adding new content and features in an effort to:

  • Provide tools and platforms that promote an inclusive scientific culture, foster open science, and nurture strategic partnerships
  • Make the wealth of AGU's scientific content available in a single, user-friendly interface
  • Deliver a virtual meeting platform that supports and augments the in-person experience
  • Build strong communities of practice around shared scientific interests, policies, and perspectives
  • Showcase the achievements and contributions of AGU members

Recent Highlights

  • Improved search experience. Users can now use the search tool to explore the contents of, explore abstracts and articles, and find members of the AGU community.
  • Unified login process. When this ongoing project is complete, users will be able to use the same credentials to access any AGU digital platform.

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