AGU Conference Center

Reserve AGU's Conference Center: Floorplans

Floorplans and layouts

AGU’s renovated net zero energy headquarters offers a range of spaces ready to host a variety of events.

All of the building’s windows feature SageGlass technology, allowing ample natural lighting with the ability to manually darken windows for optimal presentation experiences. With no blinds or shades, the smart glass will automatically lighten or darken depending on the natural lighting of the day.

For details on each of the spaces, see the descriptions below or take our 360-degree online tour.

Rooftop terrace

The rooftop terrace offers a panoramic vista of the surrounding neighborhoods and D.C. skyline. With a robust garden and strong Wi-Fi signals, the shaded setting is both comfortable and modern. Visitors can see the building’s solar array and enjoy the benefits of the green roof. The terrace is a popular option for receptions, break/mingling area and meals.


Square feet: 1,684

Maximum occupancy: 112 people

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NOTE: Indoor space must be secured as a weather back-up for all rooftop terrace reservations.

Illustration of the AGU rooftop reception area, sunny day

Lobby level

The lobby offers a sweeping view of Florida Avenue and 20th Street, which is in the heart of Washington, D.C.’s Dupont Circle neighborhood.

It’s also home to AGU’s museum that features Earth and space sciences research and technology.

The lobby is a perfect area for a relaxing reception while learning about some of the discovery and solution science from AGU members. It is often used as a gathering space for receptions, networking events and catering.

The lobby level also offers three modern meeting rooms, which can be combined into one large conference room.

Room configurations

Lobby level meeting rooms can be configured into a variety of furniture arrangements to suit your event’s needs.

NOTE: Capacity will change based on the room’s arrangement.

Illustration of a sunny staircase leading up to the AGU lobby

Room 113A, Luna

Luna conference room in AGU HQ.

Square feet: 708
Maximum occupancy: 47

Room 113B, Mountain View

Luna conference room in AGU HQ.

Square feet: 1261
Maximum occupancy: 84

Room 113C, Volcano

Volcano conference room in AGU HQ.

Square feet: 652
Maximum occupancy: 43

Lobby Level Floorplans

Floor Plan Rendering Lobby-level Conference Rooms

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Lower level

The lower level offers a spectacular view of the building’s inner mechanical systems, allowing visitors to see the energy-efficient operational metrics in real time. The lower level also offers intimate meeting rooms that are perfect for private and executive conversations.

Room configurations

Meeting rooms LL33 and LL17 on the lower level can be configured into a variety of furniture arrangements to suit your event’s needs. NOTE: Capacity will change based on the room’s arrangement.

Meeting room LL16 features a permanent, round board room table that can seat up to 16 people.

Lower level lobby

Room LL16, Blue Marble

Blue marble conference room.

Square feet: 441
Permanent table: 16

Room LL17, Clouds

Clouds conference room.

Square feet: 349
Maximum occupancy: 23

Room LL33, Third Rock

Third rock conference room.

Square feet: 626
Maximum occupancy: 54

Lower Level

Floor Plan Rendering Lower Level Conference Rooms

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