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Promoting your paper or research

Promoting research published in AGU’s journals or presented at our meetings can help accelerate the exchange of knowledge. Sharing your science can get your work in front of a broader audience, such as decision makers, the media, or new colleagues, and is an important part of the research process. There are a number of ways you can promote your published research in the mediain your community, or on social media, and AGU offers tools and resources to help you, including how to explain your research in plain language

Tools and resources

Share your science in the news 

Learn how to work with traditional and online media outlets to share your science. We've also created free Canva templates that you can use to promote your research on your social media networks. Don't forget to tag AGU and use #AGUpubs!

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Publicize newsworthy research

Do you want to promote your or your institution’s research published in an AGU journal? If you think the results are newsworthy, fill out our form to tell AGU’s press office.
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