Communicating Science

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Science Communication Needs to be Inclusive and Intentional

For the benefit of humanity and the environment, the scientific community must promote and protect free and open science communication and share scientific insights through communication that is accessible to all.

Communication by the scientific community, including the full range of AGU members, is essential for building knowledge and ensuring that science serves the needs of society. If done well, such communication can help build a shared understanding of research and knowledge systems that allow scientists to conduct Earth and space science that benefits humanity and the environment.

The scientific community must do its part to facilitate communication opportunities, eliminate communication barriers, and secure free speech. It must also embrace a diversity of perspectives, counter political interference, overcome censorship, and speak against intimidation. Together, we’re responsible for fostering a collaborative environment that produces, promotes, and protects the free and open communication of science. The scientific community, and society, should recognize, value, and support science communication, including with adequate financial resources and time.

In the evolving landscape of science communication, the scientific community must engage in meaningful dialogue, including listening and responding, with a full range of actors across society and share scientific insights through communication that is accessible to all. Our commitment to inclusive and intentional communication will help foster a society where people turn to science to make meaningful and impactful contributions to humanity and the environment.

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Public Comments
4 April 2024
The AGU membership, is part of the scientific community. This draft tends to read as though the scientific community is a separate entity that we are examining from afar. Maybe a phrase emphasizing that we are a part of that scientific community, something like, "we, as members of the scientific community are obligated to facilitate communication, eliminate barriers, .....etc. " A more forceful introductory sentence that pulls us as a society into the responsibility of the position statement is needed.
2 April 2024
Perhaps it might be useful to add that (in your words) exploring the evolving landscape of science communications should be a part of science education.
25 March 2024
Missing: Knowledge (as mentioned in the first sentence), loosely adapted from Miller's Compentence Dimensions, is only the foundation that ultimately enables Competence (Know how), Perfomance (shows how), and Action (does) (Miller GE (1990). The assessment of clinical skills/competence/performance. AcadMed. 65:63-S7). This is what makes science communication so valuable - it has an empowerment function which, in the sense of science literacy, enables people to make sustainable and responsible decisions and take action.

"If done well" - here we would have to define "well". For example: good external science communication is science- and audience-oriented, makes the right choice from a variety of possible formats and considers its impact (adopted from Wormer H. (2023) TU Dortmund.