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Abstract Submission

The session viewer, approved sessions, and submitted abstracts can be viewed here.

Steps to Submitting an Abstract

1. Review Important Information
2. Familiarize Yourself with the Session Types
3. Decide How You Will Attend OSM24
  • Sessions will either be in-person or online only. When you submit your abstract, please pay close attention to the type of session. Online only sessions are noted in the abstract submission site within the Online Only Sessions index. If you plan to participate online, please submit your abstract to an online only session. All other sessions will be in-person only.

    Online Only Sessions index
4. Develop your Abstract Submission
5. Pay Abstract Submission Fee
6. Submit Abstract
  • Notifications of acceptance or rejection will be sent in early November. If you have any questions, please contact the scientific program team.

    Email Scientific Program team
7. Edit Abstract
8. Publicize
  • The OSM Media Relations team welcomes recommendations of potentially newsworthy conference presentations. Please direct questions about media outreach, press attendance or press engagement at OSM24 to the OSM Media Relations Team.

    Contact OSM Media Relations Team

Abstract Policies

Please familiarize yourself with the following submission policies before submitting your abstract:

Please note, there are no Invited abstracts.

Submission Fees

The abstract submission fee is:

  • a required and non-refundable processing fee.
  • separate from society membership dues and meeting registration fees.
  • not based on approval of your abstract submission or attendance at the meeting.
  • payable by credit card only; wire payments or purchase orders cannot be accommodated.

Edits, Transfers, and Withdrawals

  • Refunds will not be issued for abstracts that are withdrawn and resubmitted.
  • Payment will be required for any resubmissions.
  • Do not withdraw a paid abstract submission to make edits or submit a new abstract. You may edit a submitted abstract until the submission deadline.
  • For assistance with editing or transferring an abstract, contact OSM’s Scientific Program Team.

Abstract Submission Fees



  • $75 USD


  • $45 USD

Low Income/Lower-Middle Income Countries*

Members of Indigenous Communities

We are pleased to announce that OSM will offer fee waivers for abstract submission and no-cost registration to 40 attendees who are members of an Indigenous Community anywhere in the world. Applications are open and will close 12 September 2023. Each application will be reviewed, and notifications will be sent via email on 13 September.

Submit your application.


OSM Authorship Policy and AI tools

Artificial intelligence systems cannot be considered authors, but their use in writing or other aspects of the work should be transparent and described within the methods.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, such as ChatGPT, are not permitted as authors as they cannot take responsibility for submitted works, however their use should be fully transparent. As non-legal entities AI tools cannot assert the presence or absence of conflicts of interest nor manage copyright and license agreements.

Authors who use AI tools in the writing of a manuscript, production of images or graphical elements of the paper, or in the collection and analysis of data, must be transparent by disclosing details of use, including which AI tool was used and how it was used, in the Materials and Methods (or similar section) of the paper.

Authors are fully responsible for the content of their manuscript, even those parts produced by an AI tool, and are thus responsible for any breach of publication ethics.

Plagiarism Detection

Plagiarism is the appropriation of another person’s ideas, processes, results, or words without giving appropriate credit. For the purposes of AGU Publication ethics, this should include anything that can be found within a manuscript, data, figures, text, methods and any other documented aspects of the manuscript may be plagiarized.

Most scientific journals use plagiarism detection software, such as iThenticate (used by AGU publications and ASLO publications) upon submission to help identify any duplication in submitted manuscripts.


Self-plagiarism, the act of reproducing your own work without significant changes for the current science and submission, is a violation of plagiarism standards. It potentially constitutes dual publication or prior publication. Including a few identical sentences from your own previous paper is not likely to be considered plagiarism; any material quoted verbatim should be placed within quotation marks with appropriate citation.

As with scholarly publications, authors of conference abstracts and presentations must label and appropriately cite all previously published results, including numerical information, figures and images. Including significant portions of your own work—whether text, datasets or the majority of figures —without acknowledging the source is unacceptable and could also violate copyrights. Author reuse of figures from prior published work is often acceptable; however please refer to the publisher’s reuse guidelines for more information.

Citing an Abstract

Authors (or their institutions or funders) retain copyright of their abstract.

Authors can acknowledge scientific teams or collaborators, data, and software within abstract text or using “Add Team” within author list.

Authors may submit abstracts for work that has been published in journals or presented at other scientific meetings. The work should be current and provide new data and results since any previous presentations.

If you wish to cite an abstract presented at OSM24, please cite as: Author(s) (2024), Title, Abstract (Final paper number, ex: AI14B-1234) presented at the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2024, 18-23 February 2024.

*Please note that AGU does not automatically publish AGU meeting abstracts in Google Scholar or any archive or assign a DOI. This may be done through ESS Open Archive and will assist in indexing. If you have any questions regarding the publishing of your abstract in Google Scholar, please see this article on why abstracts may not appear in Google Scholar and how to manually add them. We recommend that you create a personal profile in Google Scholar and manually add your abstract if you wish for it to be indexed there.  

Publicity for Meeting Abstracts

If you think your session or abstract is newsworthy, you can tell OSM's Media Relations Team about it for potential publicity.

Contact OSM Media Relations Team

Submission Support

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Scientific Program

Email OSM’s Scientific Program Team if you have a question on OSM's scientific program policies or general procedures.

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