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Audit Committee

Audit Committee initiatives and charge

The Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing AGU’s annual independent audit. It is chaired by AGU’s General Secretary. The committee meets with the independent auditors annually in June to review the prior year’s audit results. Committee members, mindful of the financial uncertainties facing AGU currently and in the future, carefully evaluate all the systems underlying the management of AGU’s financial resources.


The committee is charged with participating in the annual financial audit, reviewing the results, and making recommendations, as needed, to the AGU Board to ensure that internal controls are maintained and financial management is adequate to protect and safeguard AGU’s assets.

The committee also evaluates the need to conduct a selection process for independent external auditors every seven years.

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Audit Committee members

Jana LD Davis Chair

Audit Committee

Nancy F Glenn Member

Audit Committee

Mark B Moldwin Member

Audit Committee

Nikki Cooper Employee

AGU Staff