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The scientific and societal challenges we face require an inclusive scientific culture. AGU’s mission is to support and exemplify a scientific culture where individuals from all backgrounds are equitably included. This extends to AGU Honors, with the goal of making this program more representative of the scientists within the AGU community.    

The AGU Honors program recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Earth and space science through scientific research, education, science communication and outreach. In addition to traditional honors, AGU also has a variety of grants, scholarships and student programs geared towards encouraging the next generation of scientists.  

AGU will recognize Honorees in perpetuity through the Honors Explorer, a new tool showcasing AGU's entire history of honors recipients. We encourage you to browse the catalogue, using filters designed to help identify which opportunities would be most applicable to you, or to inspire you to nominate a peer, colleague or student. 
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