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AGU’s 24 peer-reviewed journals and the books program are driven by editors who are recognized experts and leaders in their respective areas.


Editors decide which papers meet the criteria for scientific excellence and relevance for the community the publication serves; seek out exciting new areas for publication; identify and solicit thought-provoking and controversial papers; and ensure that all submitted manuscripts receive prompt, critical evaluation, and meet or better timeliness goals. Editors for AGU’s publications are expected to adhere to the Ethical Obligations of Editors and Code of Conduct outlined in AGU’s Scientific Integrity and Professional Ethics Policy.

Editors-in-Chief (EICs)
Work with the editorial board and AGU staff as the principal architect of the scientific content of the journal while ensuring consistency with overall strategic direction.
Journal Editors
Manage the peer review process, assess the quality and novelty of the science presented, and identify or solicit thought-provoking papers.
Associate Editors
Support AGU's rigorous peer review by evaluating a manuscript's merit and suitability for peer review, identifying qualified reviewers, assessing the reviews, and making recommendations to the editor.
Guest Editors
To support AGU's rich tradition of aggregating leading research on a wide range of Earth and space science topics, Guest Editors are typically recruited to serve as organizers or peer review advisers for special collections.

Become an Editor
Help shape the scientific quality of research published in your field by becoming an AGU journal editor! We seek dynamic, well-organized scientists with high editorial standards and strong leadership skills to serve as editors of our publications. Submit your curriculum vitae with a letter of interest to the Editor Search Committee for your publication of choice. To nominate someone who is qualified, send a letter of recommendation.

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