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Supporting Communities Through Science

Since AGU launched its community science initiative with Thriving Earth Exchange in 2013, our commitment to connect communities and scientists has helped improve the wellbeing of millions of people around the world. Community science continues to expand at AGU—through our new journal, our award-winning reporting, and convenings that bring together community changemakers. By supporting community capacity building through access to science, AGU is helping to create a thriving, equitable and more sustainable future for us all.

Thriving Earth Exchange

Ten Years of Connecting Communities to Science Solutions

Since 2013, Thriving Earth Exchange has been committed to strengthening and enhancing collaboration among communities, scientists and partner organizations so that all communities can build healthy, resilient, thriving, just and ecologically responsible futures. To do this, Thriving Earth fosters community science projects that bring together and support volunteers as they develop, manage and complete projects that address a pressing community priority using science. Each project has three kinds of volunteers: Community Leads who suggest and lead a project based on their community priorities, Community Science Fellows who are trained in community science, project management and collaborative design for each project, and Community Scientists who are experts in one or more areas required for the project.

Thriving Earth Exchange has launched over 250 projects around the world and has extensive experience managing projects, running trainings and collaborating with partners on community science initiatives. Recently, Thriving Earth has focused on capacity building for organizations interested in adapting community science through a generous grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Training and support for four regional or topical centers will support interconnections between projects and increase capacity for sustained community science work within the organizations that lead those hubs.

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Community Science Exchange

Sharing and Expanding the Reach of Community Science

The Community Science Exchange (CSE) is a bold new platform dedicated to supporting and advancing the diverse and growing groups of people who do community science. CSE focuses on work that is performed by, with and for communities, including communities defined by place, culture, history, values, shared experiences or shared goals.

CSE provides two ways to share community science outcomes: the journal Community Science and the Hub. Community Science publishes peer-reviewed papers linking science findings or applications to the process of public engagement across the science-community boundary. The Hub is an editor-vetted and authenticated multimedia resource center for people from all kinds of professional and community backgrounds to learn about, engage in and share the processes, impressions and results of community science.

AGU has partnered with six leading societies—American Anthropological Association (AAA), American Meteorological Society (AMS), American Public Health Association (APHA), Citizen Science Association (CSA) and the Unión Geofísica Mexicana, along with the support and partnership of Wiley, to create CSE.

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Pathways for Community Science at AGU

  • Volunteer as a Community Lead to start an up to 18-month project with Thriving Earth Exchange
  • Share your outputs, case studies, resources and other products from your community science on the Community Science Exchange Hub
  • Volunteer as a Community Science Fellow to gain leadership and project management experience as you help run an up to 18-month community science project
  • Partner with Thriving Earth Exchange to connect communities you serve to project opportunities, provide services or expertise to projects, or co-develop new initiatives
  • Request a workshop, talk or training from Thriving Earth Exchange
  • Explore the Community Science journal to learn about peer-reviewed research, commentary, editorials and review articles about the field
  • Peruse the Community Science Exchange Hub’s resources and project examples
  • Read about community science in AGU’s award-winning news magazine, Eos
  • Learn about Thriving Earth Exchange initiatives and updates from their blog and stay up to date by signing up for the newsletter
  • Sign up to participate in conversations around community science in a global Whatsapp group of researchers, practitioners and community science aficionados.