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Abstract Submission

AbSciCon is committed to bringing the astrobiology community together every two years to share research, collaborate, and plan for the future. Abstracts should focus on scientific results, enabling Earth and space science or its application, and/or the contribution of Earth and space science to society.

The session viewer, approved sessions, and submitted abstracts can be viewed here. Please note that this is not the final meeting program. The scientific program will be published in February 2024.

Steps to Submitting an Abstract

1. Review Important Information
2. Familiarize Yourself with the Session Types
  • The scientific organizing committee will decide which session type your abstract may be assigned to. Familiarize yourself with the various types.

    Session Formats
3. Decide How You Will Attend AbSciCon24
  • When you submit your abstract, you will need to indicate whether you will attend in-person in Providence, RI, or online-only. Abstracts will be scheduled by session conveners in oral (hybrid and onsite), eLightning (in-person only), poster sessions (in-person only), and online discussion based on this selection.

4. Develop your Abstract Submission
5. Review AGU's Authorship Policy and Plagiarism Information
6. Pay Abstract Submission Fee
7. Submit Abstract
  • Notifications of acceptance or rejection will be sent in late February. If you have any questions, please contact the scientific program team.

    Email Scientific Program team
8. Edit Abstract
9. Publicize
10. Register
  • The presenting author must register for and attend AbSciCon24, either online or in person.

Abstract Policies

Please familiarize yourself with the following submission policies before submitting your abstract:

Submission Fees

The abstract submission fee is:

  • a required and non-refundable processing fee.
  • separate from meeting registration fees.
  • not based on approval of your abstract submission or attendance at the meeting.
  • payable by credit card only; wire payments or purchase orders cannot be accommodated.

Edits, Transfers, and Withdrawals

  • Refunds will not be issued for abstracts that are withdrawn and resubmitted.
  • Payment will be required for any resubmissions.
  • Do not withdraw a paid abstract submission to make edits or submit a new abstract. You may edit a submitted abstract until the 10 January submission deadline.
  • For assistance with editing or transferring an abstract, contact the AbSciCon Scientific Program Team.

Abstract Submission Fees



  • $75 USD


  • $45 USD

Low Income/Lower-Middle Income Countries*

Student Poster Competition

The NASA Astrobiology Program is pleased to be sponsoring the student poster competition at AbSciCon 2024. As with previous AbSciCon conferences, this event will provide motivation, encouragement, and most of all, recognition to astrobiologists of the future.

There will be 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-place selections with awards of $1000, $750, and $500 respectively.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Participants must be enrolled in a degree program at the time of abstract submission (students receiving an award will be asked to sign a statement of eligibility).
  • All students must be registered for AbSciCon.
  • Participants must submit an iPoster for their poster presentation or eLightning session. Oral presentations cannot participate in the student poster competition.
  • In addition to the iPoster, participants must submit a 3-5-minute video recording in which they give an overview of the poster.
  • The award is intended primarily for students at the graduate level. However, undergraduate level students are also eligible to compete.
  • Postdocs are NOT eligible.
  • Eligibility is open to both U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens who are affiliated with US institutions.

Abstract Requirements

  • Only one poster (abstract) per student can be entered into the competition.
  • The student must be the first (senior) author of the abstract, the major contributor to the material presented, and the person presenting the poster.
  • The majority of material should not have been previously presented at another meeting.

Criteria for Selection

  • Originality of the research
  • Quality of the execution
  • Impact to the field
  • Organization and clarity of presentation

Competition Registration

You must indicate on the abstract submission form that you are applying for the student poster competition. The competition is open to in-person and remote, and attendees.

As you complete your abstract submission, make sure to check the appropriate boxes on the abstract submission form to (a) state that you are requesting a poster presentation and (b) state that you are entering this abstract in the poster competition. Winners will be announced after the conference.

Plagiarism Detection

Review AGU’s Ethics Policy and utilize plagiarism detection software from iThenticate upon submission to identify any duplication.

Go to iThenticate


If you are willing to serve as a judge for the student poster competition, please indicate this during the registration process.


Letter of Invitation

After submitting an abstract, you can automatically generate a letter of invitation via the control panel within your abstract submission or through the abstract submission system. If you require a letter of invitation before submitting an abstract or you will not be submitting an abstract, you must request one via email.

Citing an Abstract

Authors (or their institutions or funders) retain copyright of their abstract.

Authors can acknowledge scientific teams or collaborators, data, and software within abstract text or using “Add Team” within author list.

Authors may submit abstracts for work that has been published in journals or presented at other scientific meetings. The work should be current and provide new data and results since any previous presentations.

If you wish to cite an abstract presented at AbSciCon24, please cite as: Author(s) (2024), Title, Abstract (Final paper number, ex: 103-02) presented at AbSciCon24, 5-10 May.

Travel Grants

The NASA Astrobiology Program and the Mars Exploration Program will fund a limited number of travel grants for eligible students to attend AbSciCon 2024. Reimbursable costs include transportation (airfare or mileage in one’s personal vehicle, compact car rental, fuel costs, and shuttle ride(s) – as allowable under government regulations), lodging, meals and incidental expenses, and the conference registration fee. In most cases, actual expenses will exceed the funding provided. Students who are awarded travel grants may be asked to assist conference organizers with tasks during the conference. These tasks will not interfere with their ability to participate in technical sessions.


  • Undergraduate and graduate students
  • Students must be formally affiliated with a U.S. college or university at the time of the conference, or the semester immediately following the conference, if during break.
  • Preference will be given to those students who intend to present a talk or poster.

Applications must include proof of applicant's affiliation with a U.S. institution. A copy of your current student ID or confirmation of course registration must be submitted with your application.

Students who are depending on travel assistance should not pay the registration fee or make travel arrangements until they have been notified that they have received an award. All applicants will be notified no later than early March 2024.

Apply for A Travel Grant

AGU Authorship Policy and AI tools

Artificial intelligence systems cannot be considered authors, but their use in writing or other aspects of the work should be transparent and described within the methods.

AGU Authorship and AI Tools

Plagiarism Detection

Review AGU’s Ethics Policy and utilize plagiarism detection software from iThenticate upon submission to identify any duplication.

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Publicity for Meeting Abstracts

If you think your session or abstract is newsworthy, you can tell AbSciCon's Media Relations Team about it for potential publicity.

Contact AbSciCon Media Relations Team

Submission Support

Technical Support

For questions about the submission site or technical issues, complete the request form on the submission site, or call +1 401.334.0220, Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., ET or send an email.

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Scientific Program

Email AbSciCon’s Scientific Program Team if you have a question on AbSciCon's scientific program policies or general procedures.

Contact the AbSciCon Scientific Program Team

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