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Poster Session Chair Resources

To prepare for your session, please review the information below.

  • Check the online program for any changes or updates to your session. Session chairs may access the contact information for presenting authors in your session via the User Portal or presentation management system.
  • Refer to the Meetings Code of Conduct and the Best Practices for Inclusive Remote Meetings guidance on potential issues you may face as a convener or session chair.
  • Make sure online presenters have selected at least a one-hour timeframe to be available to present during the session’s scheduled time. Authors also have the option of scheduling additional chat times during the meeting at their discretion.
  • Session conveners not in attendance are also encouraged to attend these live chats to engage with the authors if possible.

AGU is excited to offer training for the presenters and chairs of #AGU21 Fall Meeting. Whether this is your first time chairing an AGU Fall Meeting session or you are an experienced Fall Meeting session chair, you are encouraged to attend the live session chair trainings or to view the trainings and resources available online prior to the start of the meeting. These trainings will offer practical, research-based advice on facilitating sessions. Please check back for updated schedule of trainings, resources and AGU staff office hours.  

  • Coming soon: AGU will provide a Session Chair Checklist with tips and guidelines for facilitating the best session.
  • Reach out in advance to the presenting authors in your session and review the timing of the discussion session, how the session will run and discuss in advance a general discussion topic based on the presentations. This session format provides an opportunity to discuss or highlight some of the larger science questions around the presentations or explore future needs and challenges.

To prepare for your in-person or online participation, please review the information below.

AGU would like to assure that all meeting participants feel safe, welcomed and included and that our meetings promote and help reflect diversity, inclusion and excellence in science.

  • Please plan to arrive in the poster area before your session is scheduled to start.
  • Make sure authors’ poster boards are numbered properly.
  • Online presenters in the hybrid poster sessions will be assigned a poster board within the poster hall on the day of their session. AGU will create signage that session chairs will place on the boards of online presenters in hybrid sessions to encourage in-person attendees to visit online posters.
  • Make sure authors are beginning to set up their posters before the start of the session and are not experiencing problems. We ask that presenters set up their posters by 08:00 CST as posters remain up on their board all day.
  • Make sure authors have clearly posted the time when they will be at their boards. These signs can be picked up at the Poster Assistance Booth.
  • Note any poster boards that are not withdrawn but are still empty. The evaluation survey referenced below will ask for any “no-show” presentations.
  • Help any authors who are having trouble with layout, setup or equipment.
  • Encourage participation by introducing individuals in the area to specific authors and performing “crowd control” as necessary.
  • Please be aware of signs of aggressive questioning which may border on bullying, especially if directed towards students or early career scientists. Please intervene in real time if you witness such behavior.
  • No papers may be added or moved to another session and poster presentations CANNOT be moved to different poster sessions due to the logistical layout of the poster hall.
  • Should any problem develop with poster set-up, facilities or equipment, contact an AGU staff person at the Poster Assistance Desk.
  • Remind authors to remove their posters by 18:30 CST on the day of their presentation. Any posters not removed from poster boards by 18:30 will be recycled.
  • Please note, if you are chairing multiple sessions and also submitted abstracts to the scientific program, the Program Committee CANNOT guarantee that you will be free of scheduling conflicts at the meeting due to the size of the program. Please ensure the co-conveners of the session are available to step in to chair a session if the need arises.

Hybrid session chairs can schedule a separate online "poster summary session" for additional interaction and exposure with the in-person and online poster presenters at a time of their choosing. These fully online summary sessions, separate from the dedicated poster hall hours can be scheduled throughout the meeting and will be organized by session chairs only. Session chairs should consider the availability of poster presenters when scheduling and coordinate with the presenters in the session so they can participate and reserve their calendars. Additional details and the reservation tool will be available in early November.

Online-only poster sessions at the AGU Fall Meeting will make use of Zoom Webinar. The live discussion sessions will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing 72 hours, for registered attendees, after the session is scheduled and available for viewing during and after the meeting through February 2022. 


When can presenters and chairs access the online platform?
Presenters and chairs will log in to the online platform 20 minutes prior to start of session and will be provided with the direct link to the session in advance.


What is required of the presenter? 
Presenters will give a brief introduction and overview of their iPoster or PDF poster and will participate in moderated Q&A with the other authors, chairs and registered attendees in the session. 


What is the role of the session chair?
The session chairs will moderate the session, introduce presenters and moderate Q&A with authors and attendees. 


Will there be technical support? 
Yes, technical support will be available to help with any technical issues, assist in managing online questions and beginning and closing live sessions. 


Live Poster Presentation Hours

13-17 December

16:00 – 18:00 CST (UTC−6)

Hybrid session chairs can also schedule online poster summary sessions at the time of their choosing. The reservation tool is now available to chairs in the online program here.

Poster Session Meeting Guide

Meeting Platform: Registered attendees can log in to #AGU21 from the main #AGU21 page to access the mobile app/online planner to build your schedule, view pre-recorded content and interactive posters, and navigate the meeting. Most sessions will be live streamed. They will be available for on-demand viewing within 72 hours of the session’s end and until February 2022 for registered attendees.

Important Notes:

  1. Declare whether you will be presenting in-person or online here if you have not already done so.
  2. Register for #AGU21. You will not have access or be admitted to the Zoom room for your session unless you are registered.
  3. Review the Health & Safety updatesincluding how to show proof of vaccination before attending #AGU21 in-person. AGU strongly encourages all in-person attendees to complete the SafeAccess verification process ahead of arriving to New Orleans. After you have registered for the meeting, expect a vaccine verification email from [email protected]. Please allow up to 2 business days for the email.
  4. AGU will require masks to be worn at the convention center, including the oral session rooms, poster hall, and exhibit hall floor unless actively eating, drinking or presenting. AGU will require masks regardless of New Orleans’ policy at the time of the meeting. 

    Quick Tips:
  • If you are in a Poster session:
    1. Online and in-person presenters must create and publish your iPoster by the extended deadline of 9 December.
    2. Presenting authors must be registered to publish the poster to the online gallery. Updates can be made until 31 December.
    3. Hybrid in-person presenters will display their printed poster on their assigned board** and day of their scheduled session in the poster hall.
      **The poster board number is the last four digits of your final paper number. There will be a Poster Help Desk onsite to answer any questions and supply push pins.
    4. Online presenters will be available for text or video chat through the iPoster system during the scheduled poster session.
    5. All presenters can schedule additional text or video chat the day and time of their sessions and are recommended to schedule more times throughout the week.
    6. Onsite chairs will place signage on the poster boards assigned to online presenters. This signage will be available to pick up at the poster assistance desk and will contain a QR code directing in-person attendees to the online poster gallery. Onsite chairs should also make note of any no-show in-person presenters.
    7. Online-only session presenters prepare a short overview of your poster and share your screen to display your iPoster or PDF during the session. 
    8. Hybrid session chairs must schedule an online summary discussion for additional interaction and exposure for you in-person and online presenters, separate from the dedicated session hours here by 10 December. These one-hour networking sessions will be offered daily and will take place in SpatialChat, which is outside of the main program platform. Please limit to one slot and coordinate a good time during the week with your presenters prior to reserving the slot. Inform your presenters once you have scheduled an online summary session. The link to join this session will become available in the online planner/mobile app 20 minutes prior to the session.
  • Day of Access for hybrid oral, online-only oral, online-only eLightning and online-only poster discussion sessions (hybrid eLightning sessions will NOT use Zoom): 
    1. Only hybrid oral and online-only oral, online-only eLightning and online-only poster discussion sessions will take place in Zoom Webinar. 
    2. Hybrid and online-only oral, eLightning and poster discussion sessions will take place in Zoom Webinar.
    3. The Zoom link for registered online presenters and session chairs will only be available at least 24 hours prior to the session through the #AGU21 upload site. Please DO NOT join the session from the attendee link in the online planner or mobile app. 
    4. Join 20 minutes prior to start of the session with their panelist link
    5. In-person and online Q&A will take place using the mobile app. The Zoom Q&A and Chat features will be disabled.
    6. In-person oral presenters will also be logged in to Zoom to participate in the Q&A and discussion.
    7. Online presenters will share their screens (uploaded overview presentations for online oral presenters serve as a backup for A/V team or in-person session chairs).
    8. Review the Zoom tips to ensure you:

Interactive Poster Presentation Format

Online and in-person presenters should create and publish your iPoster by the extended deadline of 9 DecemberPresenting authors must be registered to publish the poster to the online gallery. Updates can be made until 31 December.

eLightning or Poster prsenters, if they have trouble accessing the iPoster Editor Site or have any technical questions, please contact our Support Desk here. When you communicate with Support, please use this Conference Code: AGUFM2021.

Both in-person and online presenters will utilize the aMuze! iPosterSessions platform, which has been used by AGU for the last four years and is a flexible HTML based poster format that allows authors to create interactive presentations that can include high-resolution images, videos and animations, voice-over narrations and scrolling content. At the most basic, you can simply paste in text and images from a PDF poster into one of several existing templates. Authors also have the option of recording a brief introduction or summary recording linked in the presentation. Although the deadline to upload an online poster presentation is extended to 9 December, please note that authors will have access to make any updates to their presentations until 31 December. 

View the online presentations from Fall Meeting 2019 Meeting. (Note: the Fall Meeting 2020 gallery is not public.)

Hybrid Sessions: 

Hybrid poster sessions are scheduled from 16:00-18:00 CST each day. In-person presenters will display their printed poster on the day of their scheduled session in the poster hall. Online presenters in hybrid poster sessions will be assigned a poster board within the poster hall on the day of their session. AGU will create signage that session chairs will place on the boards of online presenters in hybrid sessions to encourage in-person attendees to visit online posters. Online presenters will be available for text or video chat through the iPoster system during the poster session.

Online-only Sessions:

Online-only poster sessions are scheduled from 16:00-17:15 CST each day. Sessions will begin with quick presentations from each presenter providing an overview of their online poster, followed by group discussion with the online audience. Online presenters are also requested to make themselves available for one hour after the live online session for direct chat with attendees. Online-only sessions will make use of Zoom Webinar and will be recorded for on-demand viewing.

Session Chairs Must Register

Chairs must be registered for the Fall Meeting to lead the live discussion sessions (either in-person or virtually) and for their online posters to appear in the online program. If you submitted an abstract, the abstract submission fee does not register you for the meeting. Separate registration fees apply.


Please contact the AGU Scientific Program Team.