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Named Lectures

#AGU20 features 28 awards given by AGU sections to recognize distinguished scientists with proven leadership in their fields of science. Many consider these lectures to be a highlight of the Fall Meeting, a showcase of the breadth and depth of discovery and solution science that AGU members are spearheading.


Dennis A. Hansell

Oceanic Dissolved Organic Carbon: The World Tour
Reeburgh Lecture
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Michael E. Mann

The New Climate War: The Fight to Take Back Our Planet
Stephen Schneider Memorial Lecture
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Benjamin D. Santer

Revisiting the IPCC’s “Discernible Human Influence” Finding: History and Lessons Learned
Bolin Lecture
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Rafael L. Bras

So Much Data and So Few Ways to Use It: The Era of Data Rich Hydrology
Walter B. Langbein Lecture
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Roderick A. Heelis

Space Science the Hanson Way
The 2020 Hanson and SPA Award Lectures
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V. Ramaswamy

Aerosols and their Gaming of the Climate System: Microscale presence to Macroscopic impacts
Jule Gregory Charney Lecture
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Sandra C. Chapman

Multiscale, Nonlinear Space Physics ‘In the Wild’: From Fundamental Physics to Quantifying Risk
Lorenz Lecture
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Christie D. Rowe

Walking the seismogenic zone: A field geology perspective on earthquakes
Birch Lecture
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Malcolm Sambridge

A Biased Tour of Geophysical Inversion
Beno Gutenberg Lecture
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Maud Boyet

The terrestrial magma ocean: geochemical constraints
Reginald Daly Lecture
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Drew Harvell

Oceanic Pandemics from Foundation to Keystone Species
Carson Lecture
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Jaap Nienhuis

Testing morphodynamic theories by comparing and contrasting river deltas
Sharp Lecture
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Arnold L. Gordon

Tropical Ocean to Southern Ocean coupling: Indonesian Throughflow and Weddell Sea
Sverdrup Lecture
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Elizabeth A. Barnes

Explainable AI for the Geosciences
Turco Lectureship
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Jack H. Waite

Cassini's Chronicle of Carbon in the Saturn System
Shoemaker Lecture
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Robert O. Pepin

Adventures in Planetary Science, 1960-2020
Fred Whipple Lecture
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L. Ruby Leung

A Quest to Understand and Model Regional Precipitation and Their Future Changes
Bjerknes Lecture
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Elisabeth Sikes

The Southern Ocean’s role in glacial cycles: Engine not caboose?
Emiliani Lecture
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Gordon B. Bonan

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Forests, Climate Change, and Our Future
Tyndall Lecture
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Maria T. Zuber

Geodetic Clues in Planetary Treasure Hunts
William Bowie Lecture
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Isabella Velicogna

Weighting climate change in the cryosphere from space
Nye Lecture
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Kristina A. Lynch

Exploring near Earth space with sounding rockets
Nicolet Lecture
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Robert L. McPherron

Solar Wind Coupling and Magnetospheric Substorms
Van Allen Lecture
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Giuliano Di Baldassarre

Hydrological Extremes and Human Society
Witherspoon Lecture
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Augusto Neri

Modeling explosive eruption dynamics and hazards: achievements and future challenges
White Distinguished Lecture
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Erin Robinson

Putting Data to Work: Moving science forward together beyond where we thought possible!
Leptoukh Lecture
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Compton J. Tucker

Earth System Perspectives Inspired by Carl Sagan
Sagan Lecture
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Andrew P. Roberts

Mineral Magnetism: Some Surprises And Future Challenges
Bullard Lecture
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