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Digital Assets

You’re ready for the science of #AGU20, now get ready to communicate that science, and all the events and activities, out to your network.

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Use some of our digital assets to fully immerse yourself in #AGU20:

As you get ready for the fall meeting we are sharing different resources that you can use to plan out your best AGU virtual conference.

Show us your #AGYou

Fall Meeting 2020 is coming up! To continue to foster building our Fall Meeting community and connections, we created an #AGYou for you to customize, and share how you’re getting ready for #AGU20.

Print out the PDF, customize and share on social media. Be sure to tag @theAGU and use the hashtags #AGYou and #AGU20. Don’t have a printer? No problem. You can customize your #AGYou digitally.

Every week, from now until 23 November, we’ll release a page of new accessories so you can keep us posted with #AGYou. If you’re a subscriber to the print version of Eos, the September issue will feature an #AGYou insert as well! 

We can’t wait to see your #AGYou!

#AGYOU Template

Download newly released accessories Part 1 (PDF) available until Fall Meeting.

Download newly released accessories Part 2 (PDF) available until Fall Meeting.

Download newly released accessories Part 3 (PDF) available until Fall Meeting. 

AGYou digital sample
AGYou digital sample
AGYou digital sample

Share your excitement for Fall Meeting

Use the #AGU20 Canva templates to share what you’ll be doing at Fall Meeting on your social channels. Share your favorite session, thoughts about your abstract or who you’re looking forward to connecting with. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #AGU20 in your posts.

AGU FM Canva Templates

Customized #AGU20 video conference background

Customize your AGU online experience with a Fall Meeting background! Use a different design for every session, change it up every day or pick your favorite for the duration of the meeting.

Feel free to use these for any video conference to show your excitement for #AGU20

View the backgrounds.
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