Brad Weir

Nonlinear Geophysics



Senior Scientist, Morgan State University and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, USA

AGU embraces the global community and welcomes diverse leaders from around the world, representing various identities, voices, and perspectives. List any identities, voices, and perspectives you would bring, including but not limited to nationality, regional representations, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and any other identity you feel comfortable sharing.

While I come from a well-represented group, I would make hearing and acting upon the needs of under-represented groups a top priority. My current institution, Morgan State University, is a Historically Black College and University, and I hope to focus on understanding how to increase representativeness of their student body.

Volunteer experience that relates to this position:

Served as a reviewer for several AGU and Copernicus journals; served on the local host committee for the 16th International Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Measurements from Space (IWGGMS)


As one of the elected leaders of your section, how will you partner with your president and president-elect to communicate with and engage your members to help implement AGU’s strategic plan including its mission and vision?

I will work with the president and president-elect to further advance and promote the world-class, cross-cutting science of the Nonlinear Geophysics (NG) section. As a true, cross-cutting section, NG is well-situated to lead in the inclusion of diverse voices from diverse communities.

Section affiliations:

Atmospheric Sciences; Nonlinear Geophysics; Ocean Sciences