AGU's Mission

AGU's Mission and Values

Our Mission

To support and inspire a global community of individuals and organizations interested in advancing discovery in Earth and space sciences and its benefit for humanity and the environment.


As we look to the decade ahead, our mission is focused on supporting individuals in their scientific endeavors and on convening groups interested in working together on discovery and solution-based science. We are also dedicated to educating and inspiring the next generation of scientists needed to advance this mission.


Our values

To meld our deep commitment to scientific discovery with an urgent desire to contribute to solution pathways for 21st century societal challenges for this and the next generation, we are committed to a culture infused with the following values:


AGU strives for excellence in all our activities and aims to be a role model in all that we do.


AGU activities are underpinned by ethical conduct, transparency and professionalism.


AGU acts with respect and humility.


AGU strives for a community that is welcoming and diverse, free from discrimination, harassment and bullying.


AGU seeks and values partnerships around the globe with relevant stakeholders, communities, governments and commercial groups.

Science education and outreach

AGU aims to inspire, educate and empower the next generation of scientists in order to sustain discovery and solution-based research.