AGU's Mission

AGU's Mission

Our Mission

The purpose of the American Geophysical Union is to promote discovery in Earth and space science for the benefit of humanity.

To achieve this mission, AGU identified the following core values and behaviors.


Core principles

As an organization, AGU holds a set of guiding core values:

  • The scientific method

  • The generation and dissemination of scientific knowledge

  • Open exchange of ideas and information

  • Diversity of backgrounds, scientific ideas and approaches

  • Benefit of science for a sustainable future

  • International and interdisciplinary cooperation

  • Equality and inclusiveness

  • An active role in educating and nurturing the next generation of scientists

  • An engaged membership

  • Unselfish cooperation in research

  • Excellence and integrity in everything we do

When we are at our best as an organization, we embody these values in our behavior as follows:

  • We advance Earth and space science by catalyzing and supporting the efforts of individual scientists within and outside the membership.

  • As a learned society, we serve the public good by fostering quality in the Earth and space science and by publishing the results of research.

  • We welcome all in academic, government, industry and other venues who share our interests in understanding the Earth, planets and their space environment, or who seek to apply this knowledge to solving problems facing society.

  • Our scientific mission transcends national boundaries.

  • Individual scientists worldwide are equals in all AGU activities.

  • Cooperative activities with partner societies of all sizes worldwide enhance the resources of all, increase the visibility of Earth and space science, and serve individual scientists, students, and the public.

  • We are our members.

  • Dedicated volunteers represent an essential ingredient of every program.

  • AGU staff work flexibly and responsively in partnership with volunteers to achieve our goals and objectives.