AGU's Vision

AGU's Vision

Our vision

AGU galvanizes a community of Earth and space scientists that collaboratively advances and communicates science and its power to ensure a sustainable future.

Our vision

Our Envisioned future

What will it look like when we have achieved our vision?

  • AGU is perceived as an authoritative source for Earth and space science.

  • Members feel empowered and feel that AGU is representing their science well.

  • Members feel a part of a larger voice, that they make a difference.

  • The organization is transparent and responsive to member needs.

  • AGU is a model of excellence, diversity, integrity, and equality that attracts and retains the best scientists and students.

  • AGU journals are leading in terms of attracting the best science and having the greatest impact.

  • AGU has a dynamic portfolio of sustainable programs — including meetings, publications and collaborations — that address the needs of interdisciplinary science.

  • AGU works in partnership with many other organizations and is viewed by its collaborators as open, welcoming and supportive.

  • In large part due to AGU’s efforts, the public understands that Earth and space science impacts everyday life and contributes to solving the pressing problems facing humanity today. As a result, people recognize their connection to the universe.

  • As an organization, AGU is widely known and respected by individuals and organizations as a reliable source of high-quality Earth and space science information. AGU has become a household name.

  • AGU offers resources for members worldwide to discuss science and exchange ideas.

  • There are rapid response teams of experts to work with staff to get information out quickly when there is a need for AGU to take action or develop a public position on rapidly evolving situations related to geophysics. These well-trained science communicators can be mobilized individually and in groups to provide information.

  • The AGU structure accommodates discipline-specific science and interdisciplinary, integrated groups.

  • As an organization, AGU is adaptive and flexible and continuously reinvents itself to remain nimble and relevant.