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Definition, Vision and Strategic Goals

Our definition

AGU is an international nonprofit association supporting an inclusive community of Earth and space scientists and partners dedicated to discovery and solutions to societal challenges.


Understanding that discovery and solution-based science requires collaboration and communication across physical and disciplinary boundaries, we acknowledge and embrace the idea that the AGU community is not solely defined by membership. Instead, the AGU community comprises partners around the world who share our mission of addressing scientific and societal challenges.

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Our vision

A thriving, sustainable and equitable future supported by scientific discovery, innovation and action.


We envision a future where scientific discovery continues to be valued and celebrated for its role in advancing human knowledge. We envision a future where knowledge of Earth and space sciences are used, in collaboration with advances in natural, physical and social sciences, medicine and engineering, for the benefit and prosperity of people and the planet.

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Strategic Goals

To advance our mission, we have formulated a set of goals that will shape our science, culture and partnerships. They are:

Goal 1

Catalyze discovery and solutions to scientific and societal challenges.

Goal 2

Promote and exemplify an inclusive scientific culture.

Goal 3

Partner broadly with other organizations and sectors to effectively address scientific and societal challenges.

Read our strategic planpdf icon for details on these goals.