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Data Management Advisory Board

Committee members



Committee Role

Jane Wyngaard

University of Cape Town

Committee Chair

Alice Fremand

British Antarctic Survey


Maryann Martone

UC San Diego


Nancy Ritchey



Uwe Schindler

Marum University of Bremen


Natasha Simons

Australian Research Data Commons


Greg Tananbaum

Open Research Funders Group


Marta Teperek

Delft University of Technology


Nicholas Wigginton University of Michigan Member

Lili Zhang

Chinese Academy of Sciences


Shelley Stall


Staff Partner; Vice President, Open Science Leadership

Committee charge

The committee provides overall guidance on the AGU data programs and related AGU efforts around open and FAIR data aimed at fulfilling the spirit of AGU’s data position statement. Committee members guide and assist in increasing awareness, education, and adoption of best practices and other complementary practices specific to Earth and space science data domains. They provide insight and expertise for the administration of data programs, including assessments, geared towards Earth and space sciences to help improve data management understanding, operations in repositories, and to determine the level of adoption across the community. They also provide insight and expertise in communicating the importance of organizations complying with the Enabling FAIR Data Commitment Statement and support the community’s understanding of best practices for implementation.
Data board

Key initiatives

  • Provide input on materials and guidance documents to assist in the awareness and implementation of data management best practices.
  • Provide input on methods to promote open and FAIR Data.
  • Provide input on methods to promote best practices for repositories.
people using terrestrial laser scanning, or TLS, to gather detailed topographic data in the Trinity Peridotite of northern California