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Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee

Committee charge

The committee is charged with facilitating the steps AGU staff and members should take across all AGU programs to achieve the goals and objectives outlined in the AGU Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan [PDF].  The committee should be knowledgeable on diversity and inclusion organizational and leadership practices. Members serve as AGU internal and external ambassadors for diversity and inclusion—i.e., share and promote information across the AGU membership and external to AGU that helps cultivate a culture that embraces diversity and respect in the advancement of Earth and space sciences, and helps AGU to become a model organization for inclusive practices.
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    Serve as a partner to AGU program leaders (including Meetings, Publications, Honors and Recognition, Membership, Talent Pool, Affiliation and Engagement, Governance, and Ethics). Conduct D&I reviews across each program annually and make recommendations on cross-cutting leading D&I practices.
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    In coordination with AGU program committees, establish annual metrics and assess progress through an annual D&I dashboard report provided to Council and Board.
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    Provide oversight to the AGU annual work-climate survey, and, based on those results, recommend updated D&I priorities for consideration in each two-year Board and Council work plan.
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    Collaborate with external partner organizations across earth and space sciences on implementation of leading D&I practices, both in the U.S. and internationally.
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Key initiatives

Committee members



Committee Role

Lisa White

University of California

Committee Chair

Christopher Atchison

University of Cincinnati


Christine Chen

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Mary Immaculate Fru

Center of Geologic  and Mining Research, Plateaux Garoua


Thushara Gunda

Sandia National Laboratories


Benjamin Keisling

University of Massachusetts


Nisia Krusche

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul


Katarena Matos

University of Arizona


Vernon Morris

Howard University


Allen Pope

National Science Foundation


Julie Sexton

University of Colorado


Caroline Tiddy

University of South Australia


Yoav Yair

Reichman University 


Margaret Fraiser AGU Staff Partner; Director, Diversity and Inclusion