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Finance and Investment Committee

Committee members




Jana Davis

Chesapeake Bay Trust

Committee Chair

Robin Bell

Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University

Member; AGU President

Eric Davidson

University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

Member; AGU Past President

Lisa Graumlich

University of Washington Seattle


Tracy Harris


Julie Freeman


Member; Interim Executive Director/CEO

Nikki Cooper


Staff Partner; Finance Director

Committee initiatives and charge

The Finance and Investment Committee monitors and evaluates AGU’s operational performance to budget and investment performance to policy and plan. The committee is mindful of the financial uncertainties facing the AGU currently and in the future and carefully evaluates all the systems underlying the management of AGU’s financial resources. The committee reports to the AGU Board.

Committee members are charged with the following initiatives, to:

  • Maintain a continuing review of AGU’s financial operations and investment performance.

  • Provide direction and oversight for AGU’s long- and short-term investment strategies.

  • Recommend changes in policies and/or management, as needed, to ensure that financial resources are sufficient to allow AGU to achieve its strategic goals.

  • Per AGU policy, every three to five years initiate and conduct selection processes for the investment manager, with recommendations to the Board.

Finance Committee