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Position Statement Committee

Committee members

Name Institution Committee Role

Denise Hills

Alabama State Geological Survey

Committee Chair

Soumaya Belmecheri

University of Arizona


Ian Bollinger

University of California Berkeley


Matthew Druckenmiller

National Snow and Ice Data Center


Jack Fellows

Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Katie Reeves



Lexi Shultz


Staff Partner; Vice President, Science Policy & Government Relations

Elizabeth Landau


Staff Partner; Director, Science Policy & Government Relations

Committee charge and initiatives

The committee will manage the AGU position statement portfolio. In addition to reviewing proposed, expiring, current, and draft statements, discussions will include developing detailed guidelines for position statement panels, updating the statement review/creation process to reflect the current environment and needs, and developing and implementing ideas for educating members about position statements.

The committee supports the following key initiatives:

  • Review the position statement adoption process and make changes as necessary to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency.

  • Review any position statements expiring in this year.

  • Review any proposals for new position statements as well as any requested edits to existing position statements.

  • Nominate AGU members for position statement panels.

Position statement committee charge