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Publications Committee

Key initiatives

  • 1
    Review the overall portfolio of journals and books and provide input into a multiyear strategy.
  • 2
    Recommend policies and guidelines that support AGU’s mission and strategic vision of “a future where scientific discovery continues to be valued and celebrated for its role in advancing human knowledge [and] where knowledge of Earth and space sciences are used, in collaboration with advances in natural, physical and social sciences, medicine and engineering, for the benefit and prosperity of people and the planet.”
  • 3
    Annually review and support journal and book program performance and identify strengths and concerns to the AGU Board and Council. Monitor changes in journal scopes. Recognizing that Editors-in-Chief should have the flexibility to refine journal scopes, the Publications Committee will advise when journal scopes overlap or issues are raised by concerned AGU committees, sections or other stakeholders.
  • 4
    Using the criteria and policies already in place, form search committees for needed Editors-in-Chief and make recommendations to the Council Leadership Team.
  • 5
    Serve as a conduit of information between AGU leadership and other volunteers involved in publishing, with a particular focus on editors.

Committee Members



Committee Role

Carol Frost

University of Wyoming

Committee Chair

Kisa E Mwakanyamale

University of Illinois


Harihar Rajaram

Johns Hopkins University


Judy Ruttenberg

Association of Research Libraries


Annie Tamalavage

Université de Montréal


David Tarboton

Utah State University


Jeri Wachter

Joining Women


Caroline Coward

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Lei Zhou

Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Maggie Xenopoulos

Trent University


Tesfaye Birke

University of Kwazulu-Natal


Steven Hauck

Case Western Reserve University


Matthew Giampoala


Staff Partner; Vice President, Publications

Committee charge and initiatives

The Publications Committee works on behalf of the Board and Council to advance AGU’s scientific publishing agenda. The committee provides input into the overall strategy for peer-reviewed journals and books, recommends policies that support AGU’s publishing goals, ensures the appointment of journal Editors-in-Chief, and reviews annual performance of journals and scientific publishing. The committee partners with AGU leadership, staff, editors, other committees, and sections, and plays a key role in communicating and promoting AGU’s scientific publishing agenda.