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Thriving Earth Exchange Advisory Board

Key initiatives

The Thriving Earth Exchange Advisory Board drives the following key initiatives:

  • Review and revise the strategic plan.

  • Provide advice and support for short- and long-term implementation of the strategic plan.

  • Develop a business plan for sustaining the Thriving Earth Exchange beyond 2019.

  • Assess the Thriving Earth Exchange’s progress toward programmatic goals, including community impact and Centennial goals.

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Committee Members



Committee Role

Kevin Noone

Swedish Secretariat for Environmental Earth System Sciences

Committee Chair

Vinya Ariyaratne

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement


Sara Bolduc

Sara Bolduc Planning and Evaluation LLC


Michael Burns

Environmental Protection Agency


Carol Finn

United States Geological Survey


Susan Jasko

California University of Pennsylvania


Jennifer Jurado

Natural Resources Planning and Management Division of Broward County


Michael Kleeman

University of California at San Diego


Richard Murnane

Kinetic Analysis Corporation


Kristina Peterson

Lowlander Center


Jenny Riker

University of Bristol


Jeffrey Zonis

JLZ Associates


Robin Bell

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University

Ex-officio Member; AGU President

Julie Freeman


Ex-officio Member; Interim CEO

Susan Lozier

Georgia Institute of Technology

Ex-officio Member; AGU President-elect

Raj Pandya


Staff Partner; Director, Thriving Earth Exchange

Committee charge

The Thriving Earth Exchange Advisory Board provides strategic guidance and oversight to the Thriving Earth Exchange program. The board members set goals for the Thriving Earth Exchange, develop its strategic plans, advise on policies, serve as program ambassadors, and measures progress toward the program’s goals. The Thriving Earth Exchange Advisory Board reports to AGU’s Board and meets three times a year.  Duties include:
  • 1
    Serving as ambassadors for Thriving Earth Exchange with AGU members, potential sponsors, and other key partners.
  • 2
    Helping the Thriving Earth Exchange develop strategic partnerships.
  • 3
    Providing input and advice regarding program design.
  • 4
    Providing advice on the multi-year operational/business plan and assessing progress in meeting the plan.
  • 5
    Providing regular reports to AGU Board and Council, and consulting with them as needed.
  • 6
    Advising on overall fiscal, operational and partnership policies.
  • 7
    Advising on policy for addressing legal and other contractual issues.