Code of conduct

The Council Code of Conduct outlines the minimum expected commitment and conduct of AGU Council members as they work together to advance the AGU’s strategic plan. The code of conduct was adapted from the book, The Governing Board, by Nancy Axelrod.

A Council member should:

  • Act on behalf of and for the good of AGU, not for personal or professional interests, nor for the interests of a constituency (committee, section, etc.).

  • Make decisions considering what best benefits AGU members and Earth and space science – ask yourself, if the vast diversity of AGU members were in the room, what would they say/want AGU to be providing?

  • Use your best judgment.

  • Stay informed about emerging trends in Earth and space science and outside factors and trends influencing the science.

  • Make it a priority to prepare for (e.g. read all material ahead of time; be familiar with past actions/discussions that inform meeting discussions) and attend Council meetings.

  • Participate in discussions, deliberations, and decisions in a courteous, considerate, and collegial manner.

  • Make decisions based on sound information, considering diverse opinions including the subject matter expertise of staff and other professionals retained to advise the Council.

  • Not disclose confidential information about AGU.

  • Comply with AGU’s written ethics policy and conflict of interest policy regarding disclosure, avoidance, recusal, and management of conflicts of interest.

  • Make decisions that conform to and promote AGU’s mission.

  • Comply with applicable federal, state and local laws.

  • Adhere to AGU’s bylaws and other governing documents such as the decision tree and authority matrix.