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Professional conduct self-disclosure form for AGU honors and governance candidates

About the professional self-disclosure form

Each candidate or nominee for an AGU honor and other type of AGU recognition or a governance position is now required to disclose any past allegations or institutional proceedings resulting in a finding of professional misconduct, or any current formal complaints related to the candidate’s professional conduct, even if the matter is still pending.
This disclosure is required starting in 2018 with implementation of the revised “AGU Scientific Integrity and Professional Ethics Policy.” The Policy includes a Code of Conduct that sets expectations for professional conduct related to harassment, bullying, and other scientific misconduct issues. Similar to AGU’s conflict of interest self-disclosure (required for the same activities), a professional conduct self-disclosure does not automatically disqualify you for the AGU position or recognition. However, each disclosure will receive a review and follow-up discussion if there are areas of concern.

You may also preview the form without signing in. A process flow chart outlining where the form applies is available for your reference. Any disclosure forms requiring follow-up will follow the follow-up process.

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