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Online learning Tools

Virtual Field Trips
Virtual Field Trips (From the AGU Blogosphere [all levels])
A collection of virtual field trips captured during real expeditions with scientists doing current research. (From ASU [Grades 9+])
Dino-Doom: An online learning experience that transports learners around the world to different locations related to the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event (From Infiniscope [K-12])
Red Rocks: An online learning experience that transports learners to Arizona and Australia to explore the environments that formed the red rocks there (From Infiniscope [K-12])
A VR tour of ice core drilling in South America (From Ohio State [K-12])
Audio / Video

Fall Meeting 2019 Earth Sun & Planets Videos (From AGU [all levels])

Fall Meeting 2019 Climate & Atmosphere Videos (From AGU [all levels])

Fall Meeting 2019 GeoHealth Videos (From AGU [all levels])

Fall Meeting 2019 Press Conference Videos (From AGU [all levels])

Fall Meeting 2019 Water & Oceans Videos (From AGU [all levels])

Third Pod from the Sun Podcasts (From AGU [all levels])
Introductory geoscience and oceanography course videos with script and close captioning (From City College of San Francisco [College level])
Videos on Science: From the Horses Mouth (From AGCI [College-level])
Short instructional videos for an introductory geology course (From NC State University [College-level])
National Weather Service 'How Do Thunderstorms Form' video (From NWS Memphis [K-12])
SpacePod Interviews with Earth Scientists (From Olin College [College Level])
Voicethread 's asynchronous online learning platform ([College-level])
Interactive Activities
Aspen Global Change Institute's 'Earth Spheres' Virtual Classroom (From AGCI [K-12])
Aspen Global Change Institute's Ground Truth Studies Handbook (From Aspen Global Change Institute [K-12])
NASA/GSFC's 'Using GPM and Other NASA EOS Data to Understand Vector-borne Disease' Interactive Activity (From NASA/GSFC [Grades 9+])
NASA/GSFC's 'Building for Hurricanes: Engineering Design Challenge' Interactive Activity (From NASA/GSFC [K-12])
NASA/GSFC Living in a Freshwater World (From NASA/GSFC [Grades 3+])
NASA/GSFC's 'Rain Gauge Design Challenge' Interactive Activity (From NASA/GSFC [K-12])
NASA/GSFC's 'From Satellites to Your Backyard' Interactive Activity (From NASA/GSFC [Grades 9+])
Collection of resources for STEM at home (From NASA [K-12])
SERC's Polar Engagment through Guided Inquiry (PENGUIN) modules (From the Science Education Resource Center, [College-level])
Teaching modules that feature geodesy data and methods applied to critical societal issues such as natural hazards, water resources, and climate change. (From UNAVCO [College-level])
Variety of activities and resources featuring geodetic data and methods (From UNAVCO [Grades 6-12])
Other Tools
Fall Meeting 2019 eLightning Poster Gallery (From AGU [College Level+)]
3D models of Sedimentary strata and structures (From Northern Arizona University [College level])
Online materials generated by communities of faculty developers and discipline-based education researchers across the STEM fields (From NSEC [College-level])
Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 eLightning Poster Gallery (From OSM [College Level+])
University of Queensland and Skeptical Science offer a 'Making Sense of Climate Science Denial' MOOC (From UQx & Skeptical Science [General public])
Atlas of rocks in thin section (From UNC [College level])

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