Bruno Martinelli Travel Fellowship


Fellowship for students and early career scientists

The Bruno Martinelli Travel Fellowship helps Latin American and Caribbean early career scientists and graduate students who are actively involved in volcano research or monitoring expand their personal and professional networks. The fellowship provides travel support for the recipient to participate in and present a paper on a volcano-related topic at an international conference or workshop. Your participation and research presentation can be done virtually.

The Bruno Martinelli Travel Fellowship Fund was founded in 2001 by friends and colleagues of Bruno Martinelli in order to continue his work and efforts to support scientific and personal exchange for young scientists in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Applications for 2023 are now closed.

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Eligibility and requirements

To be considered for a travel grant, applicants must meet specific criteria and commit to participate in and present on a volcano-related topic at an eligible meeting. Applicants are allowed to virtually participate in and present in eligible meetings. Eligible meetings include workshops sponsored by the European Seismological Commission and the International Association for Volcanology and the Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior or small, focused meetings sponsored by AGU, the European Geophysical Union, the Seismological Society of America (SSA).
  • 1
    Be within 10 years of receiving your terminal degree or currently enrolled full-time in a graduate program
  • 2
    Be born in and currently working/studying in a Latin American or Caribbean country. Country of birth may differ from where you are doing research
  • 3
    Be involved in volcano research or monitoring
  • 4
    Intended meeting must focus on volcano-related topics; meeting attendance is typically less than 1,000
  • 5
    The proposed meeting should be attended by an international audience
  • 6
    The meeting should provide an opportunity for you to develop contacts outside of your native region
  • 7
    The meeting must take place within 12 months of your fellowship notification period
  • The travel fellowship is meant to reimburse costs associated with accessing and participating in a virtual meeting. Examples of these costs include (but are not limited to the following) meeting registration, conference fees, purchasing or renting technology, housing needed to access technology, transportation needed to access technology, dependent care costs, unpaid leave/lost wages, etc.
  • You are also required to submit receipts for your claimed expenses up to the amount of the award within three months of the meeting.
  • Within three months of the meeting, you are required to submit a brief (<300 words) report on the benefits of your participation.
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Application requirements

Applications require the following materials:
  • 1
    A letter of recommendation from an advisor, mentor, or professional in the field
  • 2
    Details on the meeting where you are planning to present and attend and how this meeting fulfills the criteria
  • 3
    A curriculum vitae (CV) and transcripts
  • 4
    A proposed budget and a statement of how you will fund any difference between the award and your need
  • 5
    An abstract detailing the work to be presented at the meeting and a summary of the scientific importance of your work (not to exceed two pages)
  • 6
    A personal statement detailing how this fellowship and meeting will benefit your educational or career goals (not to exceed two pages)


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General inquiries

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