Corrections policy

Corrections policy

corrections policy

First adopted by Publications Committee 30 September 2002; Revised 8 October 2013. Adopted by Council 8 December 2013.

The article, including related supplements, first published online after copy-editing is the AGU version of scholarly record. In order to protect the integrity of the paper, it is essential to have a clear record of any changes to the content of published files.

The guiding principles of the AGU Corrections policy include:

  • The latest correct version of the published article will always be available.
  • Corrections will be in one of two categories:
    • Erratum: An error introduced by the publisher or author that affects the integrity of the version of record, the reputation of the authors, or the reputation of AGU.
    • Retraction: Withdrawal of a published paper due to invalid results or conclusions. All authors of a paper must sign a retraction request, indicating the error and describing how it affects the paper’s conclusions. If authors are not in unanimous agreement in requesting a retraction, the pertinent editor in chief will consult with associate editors, and as necessary, the AGU Publications Committee, to decide whether an erratum or retraction is most appropriate.
  • As an alternative to retraction, the editor may choose to publish an ‘expression of concern’ about aspects of the conduct or integrity of the work that are under investigation.
  • All substantive content-related modifications to the version of record must be described in a footnote identifying the changes made to the published article.
  • Changes appearing in the version of record that are introduced from the accepted article version that are beyond normal copy-editing and would affect scientific understanding may also be indicated.
  • Format corrections, such as replacing a low-resolution image, correcting corrupted figure labeling, and similar minor changes not involving scientific content, can be made at the discretion of AGU, without formal notification.

AGU expects authors to comply with the ethical guidelines for publication of scientific research, specifically expressed in the AGU Scientific Integrity and Professional Ethics policy (PDF) formally adopted in January 2013. Intentional activities of scientific misconduct are subject to the sanctions outlined in the above-referenced policy.

Please send all correction requests to AGU by email