Revisions resubmission checklist


Submitting a revised manuscript: The process

The process for submitting a revised manuscript or resubmitting to any AGU journal should follow all guidelines for submitting a new manuscript except as noted below. For revisions, please upload separate, production-ready files of: your manuscript text (with references, tables and captions, and figure captions at the end); each complete figure; and supporting information. The files should meet these requirements so that, if your manuscript is accepted, we can immediately proceed with publication.

Submitting a revised manuscript

Checklist for revised or resubmitted manuscripts

The manuscript should be an unmarked, final file in Word or LaTeX, with all changes accepted, not a PDF. If individual figure files are not provided, they have figure captions in them, or they are not combined, your submission will be returned to you. Your manuscript should contain the elements listed below and be checked for length.
  • 1
    Individual figure files with all figure parts (a, b, c, etc.) combined and saved in one of these formats: eps, pdf, jpg, or tif. Do not add labels (e.g., Figure 1) or captions to these files. Figures should have a resolution of at least 300dpi.
  • 2
    A separate document showing changes (“tracked changes”) from the previous version. When submitting, select “Article Tracked Changes” as the file type. Please convert Latex-redlined files into PDFs.
  • 3
    A Word or PDF file giving a point-by-point response to the reviews, including the exact text of the reviewers’ comments.
  • 4
    Supporting information files, large data sets and software must meet our guidelines for supporting information. Large data sets and software should follow the instructions for data and be deposited in repositories practicing the FAIR principles and cited in the references. Samples should be identified with IGSN’s.
  • 5
    An explanation of any cited unpublished references in your cover letter. AGU will not publish papers that contain unpublished references. All references must have a DOI, be available publicly online or in print prior to acceptance.
  • 6
    Please also include copies of any manuscripts, from any of the co-authors, that are related to this paper and not yet published that you have not already included.
  • 7
    References to in-preparation or submitted special collection manuscripts should be coordinated with journal staff.
Revised manuscripts

Additional requirements

A cover letter explaining your revision to the editor is optional. The cover letter should be entered into the online submission form, not uploaded as a separate file.

If there is any change in authorship, including author order, this must be explained in the cover letter.  All co-authors will receive a confirmation of the new submission.


If there are cited unpublished references, provide an explanation and their status in your cover letter. 


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