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Submitting a revised or resubmitted manuscripts

The manuscript should be an unmarked, final file in Word or LaTeX, with all changes accepted, not a PDF.  Your manuscript should contain the elements listed below and be checked for length.
  • 1

    Individual figure files, with subfigures (a, b, c, etc.) combined, saved in one of these formats: eps, pdf, jpg, or tif. Do not add labels (e.g., Figure 1) or captions within the image. Figures should have a resolution of at least 300dpi.

  • 2

    A Word or PDF file showing tracked changes from the previous version. Please convert Latex files with tracked changes into PDFs. Select “Article Tracked Changes” as the file type during submission. 

  • 3

    A Word or PDF file giving a point-by-point response to the reviews, including the exact text of the reviewers’ comments. Select “Response to Reviewer” as the file type during submission.

  • 4

    Availability statements for data and software in the Open Research section state where readers can access the data and software that supports the manuscript's analysis and conclusions. AGU requires statements for data. For research dependent on software (e.g. models, workflows), include a software availability statement. For further guidance and examples, please see AGU’s Data and Software guidance.

  • 5

    If your manuscript is written in LaTeX, upload your bibtex BIB file as a “Latex Bib File” type or incorporate the bibliography into your document with the instructions under "Troubleshooting” in our Latex Submission Guidelines.

  • 6

    Copies of articles cited as unpublished and an explanation in your cover letter. This includes companion and special collection manuscripts submitted to this or other journals.

  • 7

    Supporting information files must meet our guidelines. See "Checklist: Supporting Information" on the New Submission page.

Revised manuscripts

Additional requirements

A cover letter explaining your revision to the editor is optional. The cover letter should be entered into the online submission form, not uploaded as a separate file.

If there is any change in authorship, including author order, this must be explained in the cover letter.  All co-authors will receive a confirmation of the new submission. 


Glacier Grey in Patagonia, Chile