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2020 AGU Elections

Newly-elected AGU Leaders

The Leadership Development/Governance Committee is pleased to announce the newly-elected volunteer leaders, many of whom will become members of the AGU Board and Council on 1 January 2021. Please join us in congratulating these incoming leaders.

Learn more about 2020 AGU Election Statistics in Eos.


AGU Board of Directors

President-elect: Lisa Graumlich
International Secretary: Ligia Pérez-Cruz
Director, Position 1: Corey Garza
Director, Position 2: Catherine L. Johnson
Director, Position 3: Jalonne L. White-Newsome

2020 AGU Election News

Read an Eos article about the election results and get an overview of the leadership transition that's now getting started.


President-elect: Lisa Graumlich

Lisa Graumlich

International Secretary: Ligia Pérez-Cruz

Ligia Pérez-Cruz

Director, Position 1: Corey Garza

Corey Garza

Director, Position 2: Catherine L. Johnson

Catherine Johnson

Director, Position 3: Jalonne L. White-Newsome

Jalonne White-Newsome

Council, Section, and College of Fellows Results

Council: Student and Early Career

Student: Eleanor Robson
Early Career: Sapóoq'is Wíit'as Ciarra S. Greene


AGU Sections

Atmospheric and Space Electricity

President-elect: David M. Smith

Atmospheric Sciences

President-elect: Allison L. Steiner
Secretary, Composition and Chemistry: Laura L. Pan


President-elect: Colleen Hansel
Secretary: Sean Schaeffer

Cryosphere Sciences

President-elect: Bob Hawley

Earth and Planetary Surface Processes

President-elect: Kimberly Hill

Earth and Space Science Informatics

President-elect: Danie Kinkade


President-elect: Kristen St. John


President-elect: Matt Pritchard
Secretary: Bill Hammond


President-elect: John Balbus

Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism, and Electromagnetism

President-elect: Suzanne A. McEnroe
Secretary: Paul A. Bedrosian

Global Environmental Change

President-elect: Andrew Dessler
Secretary: Natalie Kehrwald


President-elect: John S. Selker
Secretary: Shirley (Kurc) Papuga

Mineral and Rock Physics

President-elect: Lars Hansen
Secretary: Sally June Tracy

Natural Hazards

President-elect: Guido Cervone
Secretary: Bill Fry

Near-Surface Geophysics

President-elect: Chi Zhang
Secretary: Leah Courtland

Nonlinear Geophysics

President-elect: Raffaele Marino
Secretary: Enrico Camporeale

Ocean Sciences

President-elect: Chuck Nittrouer
Secretary, Marine Geochemistry: Carol Arnosti
Secretary, Marine Geology and Geophysics: Steven D'Hondt

Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology

President-elect: Kathleen R. Johnson
Secretary: Jennifer Fehrenbacher

Planetary Sciences

President-elect: Paul Byrne
Secretary: Jennifer Whitten


President-elect: Martha Kane Savage
Secretary: Colleen Dalton

Science and Society

President-elect: Kevin Reed
Secretary: Heidi Roop

Space Physics and Aeronomy

President-elect: Therese Moretto Jorgensen
Secretary, Magnetospheric Physics: Amy Keesee

Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior

President-elect: Anat Shahar
Secretary: Heather A. Ford


President-elect: Dan Faulkner
Secretary: Donna Shillington

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology

President-elect: Costanza Bonadonna
Secretary, Geochemistry: J. Prytulak
Secretary, Volcanology and Petrology: Olivier Bachmann

College of Fellows

Chair-elect: Alan Robock  


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