William S. and Carelyn Y. Reeburgh Lecture
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Recognizing Senior Scientists

The William S. and Carelyn Y. Reeburgh Lecture is presented annually and recognizes a scientist making significant contributions to the fields of global biogeochemistry and marine geochemistry through novel measurements. This lecture honors the scientific career of William S. Reeburgh, an AGU member since 1968 and Fellow since 2001. Reeburgh served as editor of Global Biogeochemical Cycles for six years and was the President and President-elect of AGU’s Biogeosciences section for four years.

The Reeburgh Lecture is presented at the AGU Fall Meeting. During even-numbered years, the lecture will concentrate on the topic of marine geochemistry and will be included in the Ocean Sciences section’s reception. In odd-numbered years, the Biogeosciences section sponsors the lecture, which will focus on global biogeochemistry and be presented during the section’s reception.

Honor Benefits
Recipients receive the following:

  • A lecture certificate
  • Recognition at AGU's annual meeting the year the honor is awarded
  • Registration to AGU's annual meeting the year the honor is awarded
  • Travel reimbursement for a two-night hotel stay and airfare
  • An invitation to present the Reeburgh Lecture at AGU's annual meeting the year the honor is awarded
  • Ticket to the hosting section’s ticketed event at AGU's annual meeting the year the honor is awarded
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AGU’s Biogeoscience section encompasses interactions between biological, geological, hydrologic and atmospheric systems that govern diverse functions of the Earth system (and other planetary systems). These functions include cycles of carbon, nutrients, and other elements, feedbacks within the climate system, the origins and impacts of early life, and interactions across physical, biological, and human interfaces. The section's mission is to promote Biogeoscience research and the diverse community of researchers working at the interface between life science and Earth system science.


The Ocean Sciences Section of AGU is one of the Union's original sections. It was founded in 1920 as the Physical Oceanography Section and renamed in 1923. It currently has four subsections to welcome and connect members from around the globe whose primary interests encompass biological oceanography, marine geochemistry & chemical oceanography, marine geology & geophysics, and physical oceanography. Ocean Sciences is inherently interdisciplinary, and section members collaborate broadly across disciplines to foster innovation, discovery and the integration of scientific knowledge, while demonstrating the value and excitement of science to students and to the public. Because the ocean is such a vital part of the Earth system - and because oceans exist on other worlds - the Section fosters dialogue across the Earth and planetary sciences, and it hosts sessions, lectures and events at AGU’s annual Fall Meeting and at the biennial Ocean Sciences Meeting which is jointly organized with other societies studying marine science.


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