Guidelines for Writing Comments on Position Statement Drafts

Your comments are a crucial part of the reoccurring four-year process by which AGU statements are reaffirmed, retired or revised. Statements are written by diverse panels of subject matter experts, aimed primarily at lay audiences, and state the scientific evidence and societal relevance of an issue with clear recommendations for action.

When offering feedback, please be concise and focused. Remember:

  • All comments will be made public
  • The panel will integrate and harmonize feedback to finalize the statement

Examples of valuable input include:

  • Substantive corrections or improvements, including citations
  • Key issues or aspects of the topic that might be missing
  • Specific word changes that significantly clarify the meaning of the text
  • Areas that may be unclear or misunderstood by certain audiences

Conversely, feedback that consists of complete rewrites or derogatory remarks towards the panels or staff is not constructive.