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Jen E. Kay
Associate Professor, University of Colorado Boulder
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University of Colorado Boulder
Associate Professor
2019 - Present
University of Colorado Boulder
Assistant Professor
2014 - 2019
University of Washington Seattle
Honors & Awards
Future Horizons in Climate Science-Turco Lectureship
Received December 2018
Outstanding Reviewer Award - Geophysical Research Letters
Received December 2014
The Influence of Climate Feedbacks on Regional Hydrological Changes Under Global Warming

The influence of climate feedbacks on regional hydrological changes under warming is poorly understood. Here, a moist energy balance model (MEBM) w...

February 08, 2024
AGU Abstracts
Tropical Pacific cooling and stronger Walker circulation driven by human emissions
climate and ocean change | 23 february 2024
Pedro DiNezio, Clara Deser, Ping Chang, Nan A. Ros...
The tropical Pacific Ocean has been cooling over the past decades, a trend that global climate models cannot simulate, confounding the causes of envir...
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Using single model initial condition large ensembles and observations to document and attribute patterns of tropical sea surface ocean change
climate and ocean change | 22 february 2024
Jennifer E. Kay, Yue Dong, Nicola Maher
We will present ongoing work from a recently funded NASA project that aims to strategically leverage observations and global climate models to underst...
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Bridging the gap between modeled and observed ocean chlorophyll using the Chlorophyll Observation Simulator Package in the Community Earth System Model
marine ecology and biodiversity | 22 february 2024
Genevieve Clow, Nicole S. Lovenduski, Michael A. L...
For several decades, a suite of satellite sensors has enabled us to study the global spatiotemporal distribution of phytoplankton through remote sensi...
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