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AGU recognizes individuals whose excellence and leadership have significantly advanced Earth and space science.

Acknowledging achievements


The 2020 Nomination's Cycle has Closed

AGU Honors review committees are currently working to review nominations submitted in June for the Union Awards, Medals and Prizes, Union Fellows and Section Honors. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has increased demands on the Earth and space science community, our timelines for announcing honorees has shifted and will be as follows: 

Union Fellowship: 18 November
Union Awards, Medals, and Prizes: 11 November
Section Awards: 24 September

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Nominate your peers for an AGU honor

The nomination cycle for 2020 AGU honors is now open. Nominate a colleague, peer or student today.


AGU honors

AGU honors

Honors Contacts

AGU staff headshot of Robert Rader

Robert Rader

Director, Engagement and Membership

202-777-7418 | [email protected]

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Leah Bland

Program Manager, Honors

202-777-7389 | [email protected]

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Antonio Covington

Program Specialist, Section Awards and Lectures

202-777-7484 | [email protected]