June Bacon-Bercey Scholarship in Atmospheric Sciences for Women
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Application Package Requirements

A complete application package consists of the following:
Personal Statement

A personal statement (not to exceed two pages) that addresses why the applicant has chosen to pursue their interests in atmospheric sciences and/or meteorology, the applicant's goals and aspirations in the field, how the scholarship will help advance their studies, and the applicant's potential for meeting future goals in field(s) of atmospheric sciences and/or meteorology.

CV and Transcripts 

The applicant's current curriculum vitae and academic transcripts (unofficial transcripts are acceptable); all transcripts should be uploaded as a single PDF file. 

Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation (not to exceed two pages, each) that include commentary on the potential of the applicant to achieve their goals in the field(s) of atmospheric sciences and/or meteorology, how the applicant will be impacted by receiving the scholarship, and the applicant's academic standing in their program.

Heads Up!

AGU reserves the right to reject, without review, applications that do not meet all eligibility requirements.
Page Limit
Application components must not exceed the defined page limitations. AGU will remove excess pages prior sharing with the review committee.