Lloyd V. Berkner Travel Fellowship
Not Currently Accepting Nominations.

Application Package Requirements

A complete application package consists of the following:
Financial Information
  • A brief description of how the Lloyd Berkner Travel Fellowship would reduce barriers to participation in AGU's annual meeting
  • A brief description of how the applicant plans to budget the funds
  • A brief description of how the applicants plans to cover out-of-pocket costs associated with attending AGU's annual meeting prior to receiving reimbursement 
Career Information 
  • A brief description of the unique perspectives the applicant brings to the broader AGU community
  • A brief description of how participating in AGU's annual meeting will advance the applicant's career and academic goals and what aspect of the meeting will be most beneficial for their academic growth
  • A brief explanation of the student/early career program(s) the applicant is most looking forward to participating in during and after AGU's annual meeting and how participation will assist the applicant in achieving their academic/career goals
  • The nominee’s curriculum vitae, that includes the candidate’s name, address, email, history of employment, degrees, research experience, honors, memberships and service to the community (committee work, advisory boards, etc.).
Meeting Presentation Information
  • The applicant will need to provide:
    • The session category for their submitted abstract
    • The abstract ID for submission verification purposes
    • The abstract title
    • The abstract text 
    • An explanation of the scientific merit of the research they will be presenting on
  • The applicant will be required to submit a copy of their CV/resume 

Heads Up!

AGU reserves the right to reject, without review, applications that do not meet all eligibility requirements.