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Disbursement Details


Recipients attending AGU23 in-person will receive a grant in the amount of $1,000 USD to reimburse associated costs. Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to, meeting registration, housing accommodations, travel expenses, visa fees, poster printing fees, personal expenses. If these expenses total less than $1,000 USD, the remaining funds must be used towards educational expenses (tuition, fees, housing, transportation, loans, etc.).

In-person attendees will be required to participate in a number of AGU Meeting program offerings and must submit both a brief written report and an expense budget after the conclusion of the AGU Meeting. In-person attendees must also provide documentation by October 2023 confirming that the US is authorizing travel from their home country and that COVID-19 travel regulations allow them to attend the meeting.


Recipients attending AGU23 virtually will receive a grant in the amount of $500 USD will be disbursed to reimburse costs associated with attending the AGU Meeting virtually. Eligible expenses include purchasing or renting technology (WiFi hotspot, laptop, laptop accessories, computer software), transportation to access technology, housing to access technology, dependent care, unpaid leave/lost wages, etc.

Upon participation in a required number of AGU Meeting program offerings, plus the submission of a brief written report and expense budget, an additional $500 USD will be disbursed to cover educational expenses (tuition, fees, housing, loans, transportation, personal expenses).

Heads Up!

AGU reserves the right to reject, without review, applications that do not meet all eligibility requirements.