Walter Sullivan Award for Excellence in Science Journalism – Features
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Nomination Package Requirements

A complete nomination package consists of the following:
Nominations from Nominators other than the Candidate
Most nominations are submitted by the author(s) of the entry. However, if you are not the nominee, AGU will contact the nominee(s) for any additional information the committee will need to consider the submission.

Eligible Entries
Eligible entries must have been first published between 1 January and 31 December of the year prior to the award year. Articles published by 31 December of the year two years prior to the award year (e.g. by 31 December 2021 for 2023) but dated 1 January of the year prior to the award year or later (e.g. dated 1 January 2022 or later) may be submitted for the award, if they were not submitted for the previous year’s award (e.g. were not submitted for the 2022 award).

Heads Up!

AGU reserves the right to reject, without review, nominations that do not follow all eligibility requirements. These include:
Past Winners
Nominees who have won the Sullivan Award during the past two award cycles are not eligible to enter a nomination for the current award cycle.
Conflict of Interest
Nominators must follow AGU's conflict of interest policy to avoid the appearance of bias.
Read Policy
Perlman Award
A person or group may be nominated for both the Perlman and Sullivan awards in one year, but may not win both awards in the same year.
Duplicate Nominations
If duplicate nominations for the same candidate are submitted, AGU will only review the first submitted.
Individuals and teams may self-nominate.