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Berkner travel fellowships

The Lloyd V. Berkner Travel Fellowship serves as a memorial to former AGU President Lloyd V. Berkner, who had a special interest in assisting and working with students and international colleagues. Today, the program provides support to Earth and space scientists in 88 countries from around the world. Berkner Fellowships provide funding for early career scientists and students to present research at AGU-sponsored meetings.

For the 2023 AGU Fall Meeting, funds will be awarded to both in-person and virtual attendees, with preference given for in-person attendance. In-person attendees will receive a reimbursement for the cost of their Fall Meeting expenses (meeting registration, hotel accommodations, airfare, visa fees, and personal expenses). Virtual attendees will receive an award amount of $2500 USD, with $1500 USD to cover Fall Meeting-related expenses and $1000 USD to cover educational expenses.

AGU Fall Meeting Berkner applications open: 10 July 2023

AGU Fall Meeting Berkner application deadline: 10 August 2023

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Evaluation criteria and requirements

Berkner Travel Fellowship applications are scored and judged based on the following criteria:
  • 1
    You demonstrate sufficient resources to fund expenses (meals, local travel, and incidentals) and can be reimbursed after the meeting
  • 2
    Your application demonstrates a clear understanding of how you will make the most out of the Fall Meeting experience
  • 3
    Your submitted (or Meeting) abstract demonstrates scientific merit
  • 4
    Special consideration will be given to female applicants
  • 5
    Special consideration will be given to those who have never traveled to the United States
  • 6
    Special consideration will be given to those who are in their final year of their degree program
  • Eligibility for Berkner Fellowships is limited to AGU members under the age of 35 who are citizens of countries designated by the World Bank as “low” or “lower-middle” income per capita.
  • You must also currently reside in a World Bank “low” or “lower-middle” income per capita nation and not be currently studying in the U.S. Your country of residency does not need to be the same as your country of citizenship.
  • You must have submitted an abstract prior to the travel grant application and be able to provide the abstract reference number. You should be first author presenting a paper or poster at an AGU Meeting.
  • Recipients attending in-person: In-person attendees must provide documentation confirming that the US is authorizing travel from their home country and that Covid-19 travel regulations allow them to attend the Meeting. Recipients will be reimbursed for all costs associated with attending the Meeting. Eligible expenses include meeting registration, hotel accommodations, airfare, visa fees, poster printing fees, and personal expenses. AGU will coordinate airfare and hotel accommodations for recipients.
  • Recipients attending virtually: A grant in the amount of $1500 USD will be disbursed to reimburse costs associated with virtually attending the Meeting. Eligible expenses include purchasing or renting technology (WiFi hotspot, laptop, laptop accessories, computer software), transportation to access technology, housing to access technology, dependent care, unpaid leave/lost wages, etc. An additional $1000 USD will be disbursed to cover educational expenses (tuition, program fees, housing, loans, transportation, personal expenses).


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