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Travel grants for Fall Meeting

The 2022 Fall Meeting Student Travel Grants provide funds to assist students with a combination of costs associated with attending either the in-person or virtual meeting and educational expenses (any item listed within an institution’s cost of attendance). For in-person attendees, grants will be awarded in the amount of $1000 USD to cover Fall Meeting-related expenses. For virtual attendees, grants will be awarded in the amount of $1000 USD, with $500 USD to cover Fall Meeting-related expenses and $500 USD to cover educational expenses.

Applications open: 6 July 2022

Application deadline: 10 August 2022

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Evaluation criteria and requirements

Preference is given based on the following: applicants from demographic backgrounds underrepresented in Earth and space science, applicants who demonstrate financial need, applicants who identify as a woman, applicants who have never studied or collaborated outside of their home country, and applicants who are in the final year of their degree program. Applicants who move through the first round of selection are then reviewed on the following criteria:

  • 1
    Be a current AGU student member
  • 2
    Be an enrolled high school student, two- or four-year undergraduate student or graduate student at an accredited academic institution
  • 3
    Have successfully submitted an abstract prior to filling out your travel grant application. You must include your abstract reference number on the application
  • 4
    Be a first author presenting a paper or poster at Fall Meeting
  • 5
    Demonstrate sufficient funding resources to cover your meeting registration and travel expenses
  • 6
    Demonstrate strong scientific merit in your abstract to application reviewers from your Section
  • Recipients attending Fall Meeting in-person: In-person attendees must provide documentation by October 2022 confirming that the US is authorizing travel from their home country and that Covid-19 travel regulations allow them to attend Fall Meeting. A grant in the amount of $1000 USD will be disbursed to reimburse costs associated with attending Fall Meeting. Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to, meeting registration, housing accommodations, travel expenses, visa fees, poster printing fees, personal expenses, etc. If a recipient’s Fall Meeting related costs total less than $1000 USD, the remaining funds must be used towards educational expenses (tuition, fees, housing, transportation, loans, etc.). In-person attendees will be required to participate in a number of Fall Meeting program offerings and must submit both a brief written report and an expense budget after the conclusion of Fall Meeting.
  • Recipients attending Fall Meeting virtually: A grant in the amount of $500 USD will be disbursed to reimburse costs associated with attending Fall Meeting virtually. Eligible expenses include purchasing or renting technology (WiFi hotspot, laptop, laptop accessories, computer software), transportation to access technology, housing to access technology, dependent care, unpaid leave/lost wages, etc. Upon participation in a required number of Fall Meeting program offerings, plus the submission of a brief written report and expense budget, an additional $500 USD will be disbursed to cover educational expenses (tuition, fees, housing, loans, transportation, personal expenses).
  • More information regarding specific program requirements will be provided in July 2022.


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