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Tracking science policy issues


Staying updated on science policy news helps ensure your engagement with legislators is timely and that your message is current. There are a number of different resources available both from AGU and other sources to help you track the science policy issues that matter to you. Following the issues closely can also help you to build a relationship with your policymakers by allowing you to be a knowledgeable resource to the office. You should also connect with your institution’s federal or government relations department so that they will alert you to relevant policy news, and let AGU staff know about your meetings as well so we can help support you and amplify your efforts.

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AGU’s Policy Action Center makes it easy for you to reach your legislators on important science policy issues.
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  • Be sure to subscribe to your policymakers’ newsletters or press releases so you know about recent legislation they have sponsored, statements they’ve made, and positions they have taken. Explore for the current status of legislation.
  • Both science news sources and congressional-focused outlets can have great analysis and news updates on what’s happening in Congress and across the country. Try: E&E News, FYI: The AIP Bulletin, The Hill, Politico, Roll Call, Space News, and Eos
  • AGU sends out Science Policy Alerts to keep you posted on the latest Earth and space science policy news and opportunities for engagement—sign up to receive these in your inbox.
  • Twitter can be a great place to get breaking news and alerts on science policy. Consider following news sources on Twitter, as well as sources such as AGU Science Policy, AAAS, Capital Weather Gang and The New York Times Science Section.
  • List servs and topical newsletters can also be a great resource. Sign-up for the listservs of your funding agency, i.e. NASA, NOAA, NSF, USGS, or for the list servs of your institution’s federal or government relations department.
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