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Global Science Policy at AGU

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Global Science Policy Webinar Series

Join us for the 2024 AGU Global Science Policy Webinar Series!
Science policy plays a pivotal role in tackling scientific and societal challenges around the world. Throughout this series, you'll learn from scientists actively involved in shaping policy, enhance your skills through training sessions, and discover resources you need to effectively engage policymakers.
The four-part, virtual series will feature discussions on:
-A Scientist’s Recap of COP28 and How to Participate in COP29: Watch the recording here.
-How to Write a Policy Brief: Thursday, 16 May at 2 p.m. ET. Watch the recording here.
-Science Diplomacy Skills: Tuesday, 20 August at 11 a.m. ET. Register for the webinar here.
-Preparing for COP29: Thursday, 24 October at 2 p.m. ET

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Opportunities and Resources

AGU offers many ways to help you become a better advocate for science policy. We provide scientists at all levels, including students, with opportunities to use your science to effectively address societal challenges.

Voices for Science - In 2018, AGU launched its US Voices for Science program to train scientists in two communications tracks: science policy and media/community outreach. This year-long program provides support and resources so scientists can effectively use outreach and engagement for the benefit of science and society. AGU has expanded the media/community track to include North and Central-American-based scientists, and the policy track to include EU- and UK-based scientists. Applications are due 1 February each year.

Serve on a Position Statement Panel – AGU position statements are revised and updated by a panel of experts every four years. AGU seeks global experts in all fields of Earth and space sciences who also understand the perspectives of policymakers to help draft these critical, high-level documents. Fill in the volunteer form at any time to be considered for our next updates.

Global engagement committee - The Global Engagement Committee is charged with interacting with AGU leaders to facilitate discussions among the Board, Council, committees, and task forces regarding how best to achieve AGU’s international objectives.

Science & Society Section - The AGU Science and Society (SY) section works to (1) support and grow a community that actively facilitates stronger connections between societies and Earth and space sciences and (2) foster innovation within AGU that better enables discoveries and solutions in the geosciences to benefit humanity.

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AGU Position Statements

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