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Ready to Get Back to Live Exhibiting? Want to Be More Successful? AGU’s Exhibitor Success & ROI Center is you and your team’s FREE, on-demand, 24/7 exhibiting knowledge resource. You’ll find expert guidance to help you make sure every dollar and every hour you invest in exhibiting supports your core business objectives and delivers measurable, financial value beyond cost.

Fall Meeting 2022 Standout Exhibit Report

AGU offers the award-winning E3-Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation so exhibitors learn what they are doing well and what areas can be improved in regard to their booth, product presentation, and staff. Onsite evaluators at the meeting compile the best ideas into the Standout Exhibit Report. Use this report (and your company’s previous E3 report) for guidance, ideas and inspiration when planning for #AGU23.

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5-step Exhibitor Success Program

Take advantage of this proven-effective 5-step exhibitor success program to revitalize your re-entry to live exhibiting.

1. Download Planning Tools

Download these free tools to help with for planning, cost control, and measurement.

Tradeshow Planning & Productivity Management
Exhibit Budgeting & Cost Control
Exhibit & Financial Performance Metrics

2. Complete 5 Strategic Planning Exercises at Target Timeframes

Define Your Outcomes (16 weeks prior)
Identify & Attract Your Ideal Visitors (12 weeks prior)
Manage Your Visitor’s Experience (10 weeks prior)
Manage Your Leads (8 weeks prior)
Measure Your Performance & ROI (6 weeks prior and update after show)

3. Watch, Learn and Succeed with Live Webinars

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How to Tackle the Top Challenges Facing Exhibitors Right Now

As trade shows rebound from the impact of the pandemic and now face high-inflation, what are the top concerns and challenges exhibitors are grappling with right now? Based on polling exhibitors in over 60 live webinars, client discussions and conducting LinkedIn research, tradeshow productivity expert Jefferson Davis zeros in on the top challenges exhibitors face in 2022.

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Increasing Brand Awareness & Driving Qualified AGU Booth Traffic

The single biggest factor impacting most exhibitor success is their ability to attract and interact with enough of the right attendees. Exhibitors who execute targeted pre- and at-show marketing campaigns place their company “in the mind” and “on the agenda” of the right attendees and usually win the game before kickoff. Register for this complimentary live educational webinar to learn a proven process that can be applied by any company of any size to win their share of booth traffic.

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Return to Live! What Exhibitors Can Do to Re-Enter the Live Exhibiting Arena Better Than Before

With the pandemic shutting down live exhibitions for over a year and a half, chances are your exhibiting program may be a little rusty and could use a tune-up. Now is the perfect time for exhibitors to re-evaluate, re-imagine and improve their exhibiting strategies with improving productivity as a top priority. In this strategic exhibitor educational session, 30+ year expo veteran and leading exhibiting productivity expert, Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge, will introduce you to the Trade Show Marketing Process. This proven-effective process will help you assess your current/previous level of satisfaction and execution and identify specific areas to focus on as you prepare for your re-entry into live expositions.

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Countdown to AGU Fall Meeting! Important Factors Exhibitors Must Address to Succeed

This webinar will detail some of the most important strategic factors exhibitors must address and provide guidance on how to make sure you are positioned for a successful exhibit.

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4. Read & Grow: Topical Articles Provide Additional Insights and Ideas

AGU has compiled a wealth of articles to help exhibitors get ready for #AGU22.

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5. Ask Our Team of Tradeshow Experts

AGU made special arrangements with tradeshow productivity expert Jefferson Davis to answer any exhibiting questions you may have. Please take advantage of this free service to get quick expert answers to your most pressing productivity questions and challenges.

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