Present & Convene


Town Halls


Proposed by the AGU community (including AGU staff) and open to all meeting participants, these one-hour sessions are best for:

  • Collecting feedback or raising awareness.
  • Government agencies, academic programs, special projects and other focused interest groups to deliver updates and gather input from the broader AGU community.
  • Presentation, roundtable or panel discussion formats.

Guidelines and Policies

Please keep these items in mind.

  • The program committee generally will not consider:
    • Proposals that are primarily advertisements of commercial products and services, or that contain the name of a specific experiment in the title or description. (For opportunities to exhibit or sponsor activities at AGU23, please see the Exhibit page.)
  • Primary contacts/submitters must be current 2023 AGU members. Submitters who are members of an affiliated society/organization and submitters who are non-geoscientists may request a waiver. The deadline to request a waiver was 19 July. Please contact the AGU Scientific Program Team with any questions. 
  • Submitters may submit more than one proposal, but we ask that you ensure the topics are different.
  • The program committee may ask that similar session proposals merge to avoid duplication in the meeting’s scientific program. They may also ask submitters to revise a proposal description. Following the proposal deadline, the program committee will reach out to primary contacts/submitters to make these requests if needed.
  • AGU expects that at least one moderator will be onsite in San Francisco to chair in-person sessions.
  • For AGU23, upon acceptance of a town hall, the primary convener will be charged an A/V and management fee of $500 to support equipment and labor costs associated with hosting the town hall.

Next steps

  • If you submitted a Town Hall proposal, you will be notified of acceptance or rejection in mid-June. After session submissions and after abstract submissions, the program committee reserves the right to:
    • Reject or merge multiple proposals submitted by the same submitter(s) or groups on related topics or across sections,
    • Move sessions to another AGU program,
    • Merge proposals on similar topics,
    • Request that conveners revise the session title and/or description.
    • The program committee will notify primary contacts/submitters if sessions need to be merged or have their descriptions revised.