Networking Opportunities

Braindate™ Peer-to-Peer Networking

Back by popular demand, you can “bump into someone in the hallway” at #AGU23 using the Braindate networking platform. If you want to meet up one-on-one or with a small group to discuss a scientific or other topic, this is the place to go!

#AGU23 attendees are able to book one-on-one conversations or meet with up to four others (total group of 5) around a specific topic. At the scheduled time, you and these new or known colleagues will meet for 30 minutes for one-on-one topics to 45 minutes for a group discussion. Participants will meet in-person in San Francisco at the Braindate Lounge in the exhibit hall.

Here's How it Works:

How to Braindate

Step 1 icon Create Your Profile and Choose Your Participation Location. Then Explore the Topic Market, where you can browse topics others have posted related to knowledge they’d like to share, or anything they’d like to discuss. This is also where you’ll post topics for others to book!

How to Braindate step 2

Step  2 icon Book your braindates! Choose a topic you’d like to discuss and if it’s a one-on-one topic, propose a few times to meet.

Group braindates happen at one set time: you’ll simply reserve a spot to join one.

How to Braindate step 3

Step 3 icon Join your braindates! When it’s time to meet for your braindate , check in at the Braindate Lounge in the exhibit hall. Don’t be a no-show! If your plans change, remember to cancel your braindate in the platform.


You don’t have to be an expert to lead a conversation! This is not a platform to lecture on; it’s one to learn and connect on. You can expand your network, learn new viewpoints, troubleshoot a challenge, or connect on shared interests and experiences.

Conversation ideas can include:

  • Discussion of personal or scientific interests
  • Participating in a small group to talk about career path advancement
  • Building your network beyond who you might normally meet

Here are just a few topics that have already been suggested by fellow attendees!

  • Critical zone science (in various disciplines)
  • Challenges and opportunities of working with local populations to conduct science
  • How do you pack for your first trip to Antarctica?
  • Learning or teaching without field work

Start your list of topic ideas now and be ready for when the Braindate platform is available during the meeting. The topic market will be accessible for scheduling starting on 30 November through the #AGU23 platform or mobile app. Simply access the site, choose your location (in-person or virtual), create a Braindate profile account, then browse for topics or add your own.

Braindates can be scheduled during the following dates of AGU23:

Monday, 11 December
3:00pm – 6:00pm PT

Tuesday, 12 December
10:00am – 6:00pm PT

Wednesday, 13 December
10:00am – 5:00pm PT

Thursday, 14 December
10:00am – 6:00pm PT

You will receive updates and reminders of your upcoming conversations from the platform.

Conversation topics will be continually added throughout the meeting, so keep looking for new groups to talk to!

About e180

e180 was founded in 2011, inspired by the core belief that all humans have precious knowledge and experiences to share that might change someone’s life. Their mission is to unlock human greatness by helping people learn from one another.

Since its founding, e180 has brought experiential peer learning to events, companies, and communities, and have since transformed close to 400,000 users and hundreds of world-class events into vibrant experiential learning hubs with partners like Workday, Tableau, C2 Montreal, Airbnb, TED, Cannes Lions and Salesforce.

Braindate is e180's flagship product. It is an online and in-person experiential learning tool that provides event attendees with a curated, content-driven alternative to traditional networking tools.

Virtual Braindate takes the core components of the Braindate experience—onsite hosting, in-person meetings—and makes them virtual, while ensuring that they remain 100% human.