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Nomination Package

A complete nomination package consists of the following:

Nomination Letter

Nomination letters should be no more than two pages in length, and should emphasize a nominee's qualifications to meet the selection criteria and qualifications per the award description.

Heads Up!

AGU reserves the right to reject, without review, nominations that do not follow all eligibility requirements. These include:
Conflict of Interest
Nominators must follow AGU's conflict of interest policy to avoid the appearance of bias.
Read Policy
Two-Page Limit
Unless otherwise noted, no one component of the nomination package may exceed two pages. AGU will remove any additional pages before sharing with the review committee.
Posthumous Nominations
AGU does not accept nominations for candidates posthumously.
Duplicate Nominations
If duplicate nominations for the same candidate are submitted, AGU will only review the first submitted.
A maximum of two nominators may submit a nomination together.