AGU Congressional Science Fellow
Applications for the 2024-2025 fellowship are closed.

Review Process


Although AAAS coordinates the Science and Technology Policy Fellowship Program AGU selects, sponsors and supports its own CSFs. The selection process is highly competitive.

A committee of former AGU Congressional Science Fellows and AGU members who have worked in policy reviews applications and interviews finalists before making its selection.


The Congressional Science Fellowship Committee selects the Congressional Science Fellow each year. The expertise of past fellows is especially helpful in making these selections, as past fellows know the demands of the fellowships and the abilities required for a successful candidate. In addition to the selection process, the committee is also engaged throughout the fellowship year to improve the fellow’s experience and ensure the fellowship continues to provide benefits to alumni regardless of their subsequent career path. Committee members assist in evaluating fellow surveys and interviews to improve fellow experience, as well as reviewing and updating fellowship criteria and the selection process. The committee also fosters community between current and former congressional fellows, providing a network of policy-savvy scientists with expertise and advice to the incoming and recent fellows as they navigate their fellowship year and beyond.


This committee supports the Congressional Science Fellowship (CSF) program by selecting the new Congressional Science Fellow each year and promoting the fellowship experience and long-term engagement in the fellowship program. The committee reports to the AGU Board and the Council.


  • Conduct the selection process of the AGU Congressional Science Fellowship in coordination with the appropriate AGU staff.
  • Determine ways to improve the Congressional Fellow experience and advance the CSF program.
  • Serve on CSF interview panel, if in the Washington, D.C. area, or on the review panel and review and provide input to interview questions
  • Provide a support network for current, recent, and former fellows.
  • Engage with AGU as needed throughout the year on related policy or fellowship issues.

Kathryn Harris

House Natural Resources Committee

01 January 2022 -