Beno Gutenberg Lecture
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Award Type
Section Lectures
Of Note
Invitation to present at annual meeting;
Peer nomination required
Submission Window
17 January - 27 March
Established 1989

Recognizing Contributions to the Field of Seismology

The Beno Gutenberg Lecture is presented annually in recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of seismology. The lecture is named to honor the life and work of renowned seismologist Beno Gutenberg and is presented during the AGU Fall Meeting.

The Gutenberg Lecture is also part of the Bowie Lecture Series, established in 1989 to commemorate the 50th presentation of the William Bowie medal, AGU’s highest honor.

Honor Benefits
Recipients receive the following:

  • A lecture certificate
  • Recognition in Eos
  • Recognition at AGU's annual meeting during the award presentation year
  • An invitation to present the Gutenberg Lecture at AGU's annual meeting during the award presentation year

About the Seismology Section

Seismology Section members use seismic waves to study how earthquake faults rupture and to prove Earth’s internal structure from the surface to the core.


The nominee must be:
  • an active AGU member
  • primarily affiliated with the Seismology section
Nominators must be active AGU members.
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Must be in compliance with AGU's conflict of interest and professional conduct policies.
Read AGU's Ethics Policies